Bands Vs. Fans: The Greatest Hits

Hamilton Nolan · 06/26/08 01:20PM

Country star Tim McGraw drew cheers and admiring headlines yesterday when he snatched an unruly fan out of the audience and tossed him aside like a big sack of jerkness. But he's hardly the first famous singer who had to stop a show in order to manhandle a crazy audience member. Fans run on stage, throw bottles, and scream insults—and sometimes, the band fights back. The stars on stage almost always win. Eagle-eyed Gawker video chief Richard Blakeley has compiled ten clips of Famous Band Vs. Stupid Fan violence, from the Rolling Stones to Akon. Click to watch, and learn your lesson.

Blog To Win The Girl—And Have Your Idea Stolen By Twix

Sheila · 05/29/08 11:48AM

Twix has their website set up around an interactive "Get the Girl" party theme right now. (What do they finally agree on in the Twix version? "Blogging! I love blogging!") Incidentally, our videoblogger Richard Blakeley thinks he may have been copied by Twix: "In 2006 I won a $15,000 grant from mtvU to produce an interactive video feature about a young guy at a party trying to hook up with a girl," he says. "It's based loosely on one of those choose your own adventure books you read when you were a kid except it's online with video and and HTML... We called it College Hook Up. Now Twix has come out with an interactive video feature about a young guy at a party trying to hook up with a girl." You judge! Watch the Twix and and and go here to see Blakeley's original video.

The Dangers of Being a Television News Reporter

richard · 04/08/08 10:00AM

Live television is exciting because anything can happen. Most exciting of all is when 'respectable' television journalists succumb to the unexpected (they trip, get mauled by animals, lit aflame, etc.) right there on your TV. Here is a compilation video I made of everything tragic that could possibly happen to a television news reporter. Some of these clips have become internet classics, and some you may have never seen before. Either way it's three minutes of pure bliss that will make you feel better about dropping out of j-school.