Joshua Stein · 12/20/07 03:15PM

Sophie's, that dive bar on E. 5th Street that never carded and where I once made out drunkenly on the pool table with a woman who, at the time, I was convinced was Catherine Keener but in fact was just this girl who lived on the floor below me in my dorm , is closing in the New Year. Boo! [NYP]

Britney Spears Sets A Course For Comeback: A Round-Up

seth · 11/01/07 02:11PM

It's been a strange couple of days in the Drunk-Alice-in-a- Child-Neglecting-Wonderland universe of Britney Spears, whose long-awaited comeback album, "Blackout," released Tuesday to shockingly not horrible notices. (Her parenting skills, on the other hand, scored a solidly red Metacritics 16, the general consensus being that a Praline Ice Blended does "not constitute a suitable replacement for baby formula.") In order to get you up to speed, a Britney round-up:
· First day sales of "Blackout" numbered 124,000, putting her on track to sell around 350,000 units in the first week. That's enough to put her at the top of the Billboard charts—a feat rendered even more amazing when you consider her producers derived the entirety of the album's vocals by digitally fiddling with one usable note. [People]

abalk · 07/20/07 08:20AM

Convicted fraudster Conrad Black will remain free on bail until sentencing, but must stay in either Illinois or Florida, which is sort of like being in prison anyway. [NYT]

abalk · 06/13/07 09:50AM

Conrad Black declines to testify in his fraud trial (and really, why would he?). The defense rests. [Toronto Globe & Mail]

Blackout! The Update

mark · 09/12/05 06:42PM

From what we can gather from various news stories, Defamer HQ is one of the last places still without power in the aftermath of the blackout. As we stood on the sidewalk, wondering why the traffic lights on the end of the street seemed to be fully operational while the beer in our refrigerator was in peril of going skunky, a miracle transpired: Kicking up to the front of our building on a commandeered Razor scooter was noted rescue specialist Sean Penn. There was little room left on his conveyance of mercy with the actor, a Rolling Stone journalist, and a wire service photographer crammed on board, but we climbed onto his broad shoulders, and he selflessly ferried us to the provisional HQ where we now sit. (He finds that picture of Elijah Wood just as off-putting as you do, by the way.)


lock · 09/12/05 04:30PM

Yes, the power's out across Los Angeles (what, only one Drudge siren?). While you wait for Defamer HQ to return to the grid, enjoy the above photo of Elijah Wood at a parade in New York City this past weekend, courtesy of our friends at Cityrag.