Introducing America's Newest Disfiguring Disease: Blackberry Neck

Brian Moylan · 06/22/11 02:12PM

Did you know that spending too much time looking down at your Blackberry and texting is going to give your neck ugly and unsightly wrinkles? It's true! It's called Blackberry Neck. Says who? Well, the lady who came up with the treatment to fight Blackberry Neck.

My Blackberry Doesn't Work

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 12:30PM

A sketch from the show The One Ronnie on BBC that features our favorite hand-held, fruit-named devices; the Blackberry and Apple. The question is, how many puns can they fit inside?

Choire · 10/03/07 04:35PM

How are women like former Glamour blogger and current People scribe Alyssa Shelasky destroying feminism? By sending out change of contact emails that say things like "I can't figure out how to order a Time Inc blackberry. Me and corporate America are not exactly bff....!" OMG LOL you two are so not but let's go talk about it over manicures and then rehash "The Hills" okay? God, my mother would strangle her with one hand.

abalk · 09/26/07 01:00PM

Feast your eyes on John Mayer's customized Blackberry Curve. Rock stars, man. They really take it all the way to the edge. [John Mayer]

BlackBerry Cougars Love Roger Federer

Choire · 08/30/07 10:17AM

So now we know all the ladies of a certain age love tennis ho/pro Roger Federer. So, like, does Vogue just shut down while the U.S. Open is in session? Does Anna Wintour keep an Airstream trailer off the courts that she shares each night with Martha Stewart? Um is any lady-exec working in this town? Is anyone? (Besides the people blogging the damn thing every 15 minutes, of course.) [Image: Getty]

Private School Kids Carry BlackBerries

Doree Shafrir · 05/17/07 05:45PM

It's so funny how Mayor Bloomberg banned cell phones in public schools, since didn't his daughters go to, like, Dalton? Or wherever? (We can't remember—do you?) Anyway, it seems that kids in New York private schools these days have moved beyond RAZRs and now carry BlackBerries and the like to school. Apparently they get hand-me-downs from their important parents? And sometimes they even get new ones? And the teachers don't even care? Not like at those stupid public schools!

Blackberries Dead! Treo Users Rejoice!

Doree Shafrir · 04/18/07 09:15AM

Blackberries have been down since 8 last night because of a network outage. Chaos is imminent! Crackberry! Blackberry thumb! We are sending text messages via carrier pigeon! Developing.

Tools Love Their Blackberries

Emily Gould · 02/15/07 09:00AM

You know how some people always have to be right? They'll keep one upping you and pulling out all the stops until the smallest argument is settled. This is the same kind of person who, when you say you liked a movie, will be all, "Hmm. Well, the play was better." According the Times, this type of person has a brand-new weapon in his or her—let's be real: his—arsenal. It is called the personal handheld device! Did you also know that these things they carry are capable of finding information on the internets?