Alabama, Which Requires ID to Vote, Stops Issuing New Licenses in Majority-Black Counties

Jay Hathaway · 10/02/15 11:25AM

Facing a state budget reduction, Alabama’s Law Enforcement Agency opted to cut driver-licensing services at 31 satellite offices, serving 28 counties. Twelve to fifteen of the affected counties are in Alabama’s “black belt,” and every Alabama county where black people make up 75% or more of registered voters. That’s troubling because, since last year, Alabama has required government ID to vote.

Romney to NAACP: If You Want Free Stuff (Trollface), Try Voting for the Other Guy

Mobutu Sese Seko · 07/12/12 11:40AM

Mitt Romney should pick a trollface mask for vice president. It'll turn Reddit into a bad-art Möbius strip, and it'll give his campaign an identity it's lacked. Yesterday, he spoke to the NAACP national convention, stood firm on an issue, elicited boos and, hours later, embraced the boos in another speech. If the campaign were a message board, he might as well have closed with a Cam'ron-inspired "u mad?"