How the Republicans Lost Another Black Supporter

Cord Jefferson · 11/06/12 06:10PM

When I tell people my father is a black Republican, many of them look at me curiously, as if I've just told them I was raised by mermaids. I assume they're surprised not only because much of my personal politics sit decidedly left of center, but also because black Republicans, who made up only 2 percent of the delegation at this year's Republican National Convention, have become somewhat of an urban legend, a phenomenon you might hear about on the news from time to time but will never encounter yourself in real life. On top of their rarity, America's black Republicans must also contend with the fact that some of their most notable comrades come off as either unserious or downright unhinged. For every levelheaded Colin Powell in the public eye, there is a man like Herman Cain, whose bid for the GOP's presidential nomination earlier this year was more circus sideshow than political campaign.

Black Republicans: They're Back!

Max Read · 05/05/10 02:25AM

There hasn't been a black Republican in the House of Representatives since 2003, which is weird, since Republican politicians and voters are notoriously friendly to the African-American community. But fear not, GOP: Thirty-five black Republicans are now running for Congress!