How to Be a Real Gay Housewife of New York

Brian Moylan · 10/01/09 02:05PM

It's kind of like getting laid on Manhunt. If you want to be on Logo's Kept, you have to be hot, fabulous, have a place to live, and have pictures, lots and lots of pictures!

My First Black Party

Jory · 03/30/08 06:00PM

At 1 AM on Saturday night I am at home, drinking straight Jack Daniels by myself, and feeling equally excited and nervous. I was told by one of my more experienced friends to "absolutely not go before 2 AM." My only knowledge of what the Black Party would be like was Gawker's exit-poll video from last year.

The Black Party: An Investigative Report

Choire · 03/26/07 05:38PM

We sent Rod Townsend and videographer Nick McGlynn out on Saturday night/Sunday morning to find out what really happens at the Black Party, the enormous annual S&M-themed gay circuit party that rocks the gays of our fine city at the end of every winter. The answers may be totally Not Safe For Work. Video cut by the estimable Richard Blakeley.