What Are These Headless Chickens Doing in Central Park?

Louis Peitzman · 04/15/12 11:39AM

Gawker reader Amy Baker sent in this photo of two headless chickens she discovered near the corner of 72nd and Central Park West this morning. Her theory is voodoo, which seems about as likely as anything else.

Fans' Wizard Hats Droop With Anger, Sorrow as Warners Pushes Back 'Harry Potter 6'

STV · 08/14/08 07:00PM

Warner Bros. sent surprising word today that it has bumped Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from a release this November all the way back to July 17, 2009 — a savvy numerological strategy landing Potter exactly one year's worth of Fridays from its opening day for The Dark Knight. Studio boss Alan Horn officially attributed the move to more practical considerations, however, namely the fact that Warners' vibrant content chain is missing a few links next summer thanks to the writer's strike. But don't get any ideas about Jonze-esque hold-ups or other snags, added Jeff Robinov: