Mother of Trayvon Martin's Emotional Plea: "This Is About Saving Our Children"

Hudson Hongo · 07/26/16 07:38PM

On Tuesday, Mothers of the Movement, a group formed by women whose unarmed black children were killed by police or gun violence, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to urge for police and gun reform and support Hillary Clinton as the candidate most prepared to enact that change.

In Tamir Rice's Cleveland, Donald Trump and the RNC Are a World Away

Andy Cush · 07/20/16 10:15AM

CLEVELAND—Take a 15 minute ride on Cleveland’s RTA Red Line, westbound from the hubbub of downtown and the Republican National Convention, and get off at the West Boulevard station. Go up a flight of stairs, step outside, and cross Detroit Avenue, turn left at the Palazzo, an Italian restaurant that looks like it was pretty cozy and romantic before it closed down. Walk about a half a block, and you’ve reached the border of the Cudell Commons and Recreation Center, where a Cleveland police officer shot and killed Tamir Rice seven months before Rice’s thirteenth birthday, in November 2014.

ACLU Sues Baton Rouge Police Over Response to Alton Sterling Protests

Hudson Hongo · 07/13/16 07:56PM

On Wednesday, the ACLU of Louisiana and four other groups filed a lawsuit against the City of Baton Rouge, its police department and several other area law enforcement agencies, accusing authorities of violating the constitutional rights of protesters demonstrating against the shooting of Alton Sterling. About 200 marchers have been arrested in Baton Rouge since Sterling was killed by police last week, reports.

DeRay Mckesson and Several Journalists Arrested at Black Lives Matter Protests 

Hannah Gold · 07/10/16 09:50AM

On Saturday night, police arrested several activists and journalists at protests across the country over the highly publicized fatal police shootings of two black men this week. On Monday, a police officer shot and killed Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as he was being held down by two other officers, and on Wednesday a cop mortally shot Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota as Castile was reaching for his driver’s license during a routine traffic stop. Both murders were documented in videos that went viral.