Rachel Dolezal's Brother Was Accused of Molesting Both His Sisters

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/17/15 02:30PM

Well before Rachel Dolezal was outed as a white woman pretending to be black, she and her younger sister, Esther, both accused their older brother of molesting them, TMZ reports. And according to court documents obtained by the website, Rachel claimed the abuse involved photographs of naked, black women.

Rachel Dolezal on Today: "I Identify as Black"

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/16/15 06:45AM

Former Spokane, Wash. NAACP chief Rachel Dolezal made her first major television appearance Tuesday since revelations that she had lied to colleagues about being black.

Rich White People Are The New Homeless

Joshua Stein · 10/29/07 02:20PM

Both Page Six magazine and New York magazine tell the tragic tales of affluent whites being ousted from their homes. It's like the Dust Bowl all over again, except with your parents living in a sprawling split-level in Bridgeport. To be fair, the Bushwick hipsters, who were given ten hours to vacate their building at 17-17 Troutman Street, were pretty screwed over. (Though, what do you think happens when you move into a commercial warehouse?) But the real victims here are Chris and Jennifer Gandin Le, the newlyweds—and they make nearly $100,000 a year.