'American Idol' Winner Totally Messed up at the Macy's T-Day Parade

Lauri Apple · 11/24/11 02:39PM

Scotty McCreery misses his cue. Brad Pitt wasn't always a tragically overweight, dumpy-looking urchin with a comb-over. Kim Kardashian exposes herself to The Poors and learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Today's Gossip Roundup is sitting on the couch with some turkeys, playing video games and eating pumpkin pie topped with mashed potatoes instead of Cool Whip.

What's New in Music

James Apsimon · 10/10/11 06:10PM

Steve Jobs, the Zune, and Arista, Jive, and J Records are no longer with us. But in their wake, there is a wealth of new music out on a variety of labels to listen to with Apple and (remaining) Microsoft products. While we're on the subject, we might as well talk about some of it.

Black Eyed Peas Apparently Have Standards

Richard Lawson · 04/22/11 04:30PM

William (put the periods in yourself if you want) of stink-pop band the Black Eyed Peas says the group doesn't perform their hit "My Humps" in concert anymore because they think it's silly. "It wasn't lyrical miracles," William said. Luckily "Don't Phunk With My Heart" remains in rotation. [NYM, photo via Getty]

The Black Eyed Peas Will Do Anything for Money

Jeff Neumann · 04/09/10 05:49AM

No one buys music anymore. So what to do if you're a pop band trying to make it big? It's simple — whore yourself out to any company that will give you cash. And start flash mobs for Oprah.

Mike's Apartment: an Update

Ravi Somaiya · 02/26/10 05:30AM

We received a text from a tipster at 5.08am saying: "Mike's apt is on fire right now! Black eyed peas and axl!" Which, using our young-people translator, we deduce means a breakfast meeting of musical minds occurred at the hotspot.

Was Last Night's SNL Really The Worst Episode Ever?

Foster Kamer · 11/15/09 03:30PM

So, here at SNL Digest, we're trying to have a hopeful, kind conversation about a show—and a tradition—we hold dear, the slope of its decline regardless. But last night's January Jones episode? One word: disaster. How disaster-y?

So Much for the Kinder, Gentler Perez Hilton

Ryan Tate · 06/22/09 11:19AM

So here's how Perez Hilton's weekend ended: The gossip blogger ended up punched in the face and bleeding outside a Toronto club around 3 a.m., after calling singer Will.I.Am a "gay... fag." So much for a new, nicer Hilton. To Bring His Reverse Midas Touch To 'X-Men' Franchise

nickm · 02/20/08 09:09PM

There are several immutable laws of physics: The net force on a body is equal to it's mass multiplied by it's acceleration. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. ruins everything he touches. Don't believe us? Check out his recent Grammy performance. Need more proof? Listen to his lifeless remixes on that 25th anniversary re-issue of Thriller. But just when you thought that was content with debasing the sanctity of the entire recording industry, it appears as if he is about to apply his patented reverse Midas Touch on one of the most anticipated action films of 2009.