The Most Overproduced Celebrity-Rich Rap Video of the San Francisco Mayoral Race

Jim Newell · 10/25/11 01:36PM

We can blame this one on Silicon Valley, folks. The outfit San Franciscans for Jobs and Good Government, an independent group led by Silicon Valley "angel investor" Ron Conway and propped up with Sean Parker's cash, has released this take on MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" to support the campaign of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Tech's Most Useless Big Shot

Ryan Tate · 08/26/11 09:35AM

Creative Artists Agency is reportedly discussing opening a Silicon Valley office where tech executives would become "rock stars." And they may start with Biz Stone, the vodka pitchman, Twitter co-founder, AOL adviser, and blogging how-to author. Stone is a good choice, being undistracted as he is with being an actual functioning technology executive.

How Twitter's 'Predominant' Founder Was Fired and Forgotten

Ryan Tate · 04/13/11 03:12PM

He's been expunged from Twitter's official history, but Noah Glass is widely acknowledged as the microblogging system's most passionate advocate from when he named and helped create Twitter until the day he was fired. Business Insider tells his story.

How Twitter Extorted a Desperate City

Ryan Tate · 04/06/11 06:25PM

Twitter, the lavishly funded microblogging service, is bullying its hometown of San Francisco into $22 million in tax breaks even as the city cuts health, police, transit and virtually all other city services. So much for Twitter's bleeding heart pretensions.

Twitter's Biz Stone: "My Mother Still Thinks I Work at Google"

Whitney Jefferson · 03/22/11 11:00AM

Last night, one of the co-founders of Twitter, Biz Stone, appeared on Conan on the day that the social-networking service turned five years old. Conan and Biz spoke about Twitter's humble beginnings, Conan's tweets, and how Biz's mother still has no idea what he actually does.

Ask About the Tits, Harvey

Ryan Tate · 01/13/10 09:00PM

TMZ's managing editor asked a pressing boob question; Twitter's founder inflated a newspaper article; and a TechCrunch writer puffed up her sources. The Twitterati were swell.

Will Twitter Jump the Revenue Gun?

Andrew Belonsky · 09/11/09 02:05AM

Twitter's only recently become an international sensation, but, unlike some of its more slow-and-steady contemporaries, it's already looking to make a buck and this week hinted again at letting the ad revenue stream in. This may not end well.

The Twitterati Flees Oprah Goons

Ryan Tate · 09/08/09 04:32PM

Biz Stone was working on his vacation; Robert Gibbs skipped his David Brooks homework and a reporter covering Oprah Winfrey fled her goons. For the Twitterati, this week can't end soon enough.