A Fond Farewell to Candy Cigarettes (Update: Not Really!)

Maureen O'Connor · 06/23/10 04:39PM

Today is the first day of an America without candy cigarettes. Banned by a smoking prevention law prohibiting candy and "fruit-flavored" cigarettes, the badass big brother of the Pez dispenser is officially contraband. Update: Wait! Candy cigarettes can stay!

Joshua Stein · 12/12/07 11:50AM

Wired magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto is now a chocolatier. His company is called Tcho but his chocolate is still in beta. I can not wait until Jane Pratt opens up her own marzipan factory. [NYT]

What's Dark, Bald and Drives Frank Bruni Nuts?

josh · 05/02/07 01:28PM

Yes, it's Max Brenner, the wacky Israeli chocolate place-entity that invaded New York a while back. Only a Jewish mother or a Catholic gay could venture into a sweet chocolate wonderland and return so concerned. But sure—there is no surprise in the fact that Max Brenner is a gimmicky shitty crapshow, whose chocolate isn't even that great. Still it's a handy spot, because it gives the Times restaurant critic an excuse to bitch and make Willy Wonka references, two of his favorite things. But what's next—reviewing a McDonaldland playground in the Bronx? The search for the best Dunkin' Donuts? Defining the boundaries of high and low culture in critic-land is gonna get increasingly more difficult.