Clive Davis Confirms Rumors, Comes Out as Bisexual

Neetzan Zimmerman · 02/19/13 09:27AM

Legendary music mogul Clive Davis, whose impact on pop music and pop culture in general has been felt for the past five decades, reveals in his new memoir that he has been in a "strong monogamous relationship" with a man for the past seven years.

Today on Oprah: Bisexual Apes!

Matt Cherette · 10/04/10 03:18PM

Today's Oprah featured—among other things—a report by Lisa Ling on Kanzi, the most famous Bonobo (aka Pygmy Chimpanzee) in the world. What did we learn about Bonobos from the segment? Most notably, that they're bisexual freak-a-leaks! Video inside.