Birther Congressman: Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Will Restore America's Soul

Jay Hathaway · 11/16/15 01:08PM

Iowa Congressman Steve King continued to raise doubts about Barack Obama’s place of birth long after the president released his longform birth certificate. As late as last year, he was still asserting that wherever Obama may have been born, he was “not raised with an American experience.” Which is presumably why King just endorsed a real American—Canadian-born Ted Cruz—for president.

Does Mitt Romney Have a Birther Son?

Jim Newell · 12/30/11 12:14PM

Mitt Romney, who is up by 700 percentage points in New Hampshire at the moment, has dispatched his spawn to hold things down in "The Granite State" while he pretends to care about Iowans for a few days. Bad idea, Mittens. Because of your incompetent sons is spreading Birther talk up there! What is wrong with Matt Romney?

Rick Perry Isn't Sure If Obama's Birth Certificate Is Real

Lauri Apple · 10/23/11 01:10PM

Today's edition of Parade magazine features an interview with Republican presidential candidate/sultan of Texas Rick Perry, who says he went out to dinner with bloviating birther Donald Trump and now isn't totally sure if President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya or on Mercury or what. Donald Trump is that persuasive.

Esquire to Be Sued for Making Fun of Birthers

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/11 02:42PM

In your bilious Friday media column: World Net Daily takes a stand for crazydom, the Page One movie dissected by everyone everywhere, Keith Olbermann's show has at least one redeeming factor, and TV advertising will never die.

Obama Campaign Selling Official Birth Certificate Shirts

Jim Newell · 05/18/11 12:18PM

We Americans are trying to face the important issues to this country, but the Obama campaign only seems interested in perpetuating Silly Season. These carnival barkers are now selling limited edition "Made in the USA" tee shirts featuring images of the president's birth certificate on the back.