The Only Woman Fit for President Trump's Cabinet Is Ivanka Trump

Ashley Feinberg · 08/05/16 10:00AM

Speaking to an NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida, Donald Trump was pressed (by a former employee) to name a few of the women he might place on his cabinet when he ascends the throne. The only women Trump seems capable of naming on the spot? His beloved daughter, Ivanka Trump and—oh, I don’t know. How about you. Holding the microphone. Yeah, you’ll do.

Last Night's Debate in Under Two Minutes: An Interrupting Competition with 'Binders Full of Women'

Kate Bennert · 10/17/12 10:50AM

As can be gleamed from the various pop-up parody twitter accounts and tumblrs, the second presidential debate was predictably a perfect target for internet meme makers, which in this day and age is what one might call "a success." When the candidates weren't too busy talking over each other, Mitt Romney was making weird, unsupported claims about women and binders and both President Obama and Candy Crowley were providing live fact checking services for the entire evening. It goes to show that the purpose of any given presidential debate is really just to remove the context from stupid things the candidates say and preserve them on the internet forever.