Michelle Obama Survives Billy on the Street, Wins Ariana Grande Poster

Taylor Berman · 02/17/15 12:35PM

This episode of Billy on the Street has a lot going for it: Michelle Obama slow dancing with Big Bird, a random woman named Elena, carrots, a poster of Ariana Grande's ponytail, a recitation of Gwyneth Paltrow's 1999 Oscar acceptance speech. It's also very, very funny.

Billy Eichner Invented a New Quiz Show for Squirters

Jay Hathaway · 05/16/14 03:31PM

Professional runner/yeller Billy Eichner is on the street again, hosting a quiz show where, if you don't know the answer, you can ask a squirter. It'll just be a few seconds while you both start running down the street yelling at strangers until you find one.

Watch Billy Eichner Play "It's Not Pitbull, It's Amy Poehler"

Jay Hathaway · 04/22/14 10:45AM

Human exclamation point Billy "On The Street" Eichner is sprinting through New York again, helping another celebrity friend ambush and delight unsuspecting pedestrians. And this time, it's Pitbull! No, it's not Pitbull! It's Amy Poehler!

Here's an Awkward Street Interview About Writer Jim Holt's Sexuality

Rich Juzwiak · 03/24/14 09:20AM

Billy on the Street is a Fuse show in which comedian Billy Eichner spontaneously challenges New York pedestrians with spontaneous, absurd questions (often about celebrities). The epitome of the show's ability to be funny and almost unwatchably awkward occurred on its most recent episode, when Eichner ran into writer/philosopher Jim Holt (Why Does the World Exist?) seemingly at random. Eichner asked Holt about his sexuality and it did not go well. Holt refused to so much as entertain the conversation of why he didn't want to disclose his sexuality. He then called the interview off and walked away.

The Hottest Things on TV in 2011

Brian Moylan · 12/28/11 09:00AM

Every single television critic has written their "10 Best of 2011" article and it's all, "Oooh, Breaking Bad." "Let's hear it for Community." "Friday Night Lights should never leave!" "Do you love Louie? I love Louie. You should love LOUIE!" Fuck them! All their damn lists are the same year after year. Here are some of the other things that happened on television when the critics were playing Ookie Cookie with each other.

Billy Eichner on Summer Movies

nightintern · 06/18/10 08:00PM

In this "Man on the Street" type video, Billy Eichner questions New Yorkers about their thoughts on summer movies, mostly Sex and the City. His in your face manners and awkward antics make for hilarious encounters.

Nobody Knows What the Oscars Are!

Richard Lawson · 03/02/10 03:26PM

Despite being biggest thing since Jesus turned the Red Sea into loaves of fish, no one in New York knows much about the Oscars. And they won't fuck Brad Pitt. That's what a shrieking comedian found on the streets, anyway.

Sex Will Be Sarah Jessica Parker's Demise

Andrew Belonsky · 10/02/09 05:00AM

Being a movie star — or motherhood — makes Sarah Jessica Parker look sleepy. TLC learns its Gosselin lesson. Quentin Tarantino loves sequels. And Katy Perry teaches us the power of tit-pics. TGIF, you attractive devils! It's your gossip roundup!