Listen to Billy Bush Describe the Perfect "Side Boob"

Whitney Jefferson · 02/22/11 01:50PM

While discussing Jennifer Aniston's dress at the premiere of her new movie, Billy Bush digressed into a long conversation about his favorite kind of side boob. Apparently "full spillage is the worst" — but isn't that just straight-up naked breasts?

Regis Philbin Announces His Retirement

Whitney Jefferson · 01/18/11 11:18AM

After 28 years of hosting his morning show, Regis Philbin has decided not to renew his contract when it expires this Spring. Video of his announcement from this morning, inside.

Heidi and Spencer to Divorce Court: JK!

Maureen O'Connor · 10/01/10 08:56AM

The Montag-Pratts formally end their divorce charade. Heidi Klum quits Victoria's Secret. Lindsay Lohan wears fancy outfits at rehab. Charlie Sheen's daughter has a Twilight-themed wedding. TGIFriday gossip.