Demi Lovato Boob Pictures Complete Disney's Worst Week Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 12/17/10 10:52AM

Even from rehab, Demi competes with Miley for the Disney Girls Gone Wild crown. Britney's creepy ex might be stalking Lindsay. Natalie Portman might hate Mila Kunis. Diddy's burning woman must cut off her hair. TGIFriday gossip.

Kimora's New Baby, Susan Boyle's Breakdown

cityfile · 06/01/09 06:24AM

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou had a baby boy over the weekend. [Us]
• Susan Boyle checked into a clinic on Saturday after suffering a "mental breakdown" following her loss on Britain's Got Talent. [NYDN, NYP]
• Kate Hudson successfully avoided Madonna at Saturday's polo match, which is a good thing since an encounter could have led to a "girl-on-girl showdown." [NYDN]
• Bill and Hillary are househunting, apparently. Per a friend: "There are some really massive estates that are incredibly cheap. Plus, it's a fun way to spend a weekend." [NYDN]
• As for Barack and Michelle, they spent Saturday in NYC, eating at Blue Hill before attending a performance of Joe Turner's Come and Gone. [NYDN, NYT]
• Eminem stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards after Sasha Baron Cohen landed in his lap, either because he was offended or because it was part of a pre-planned stunt. [P6, NYDN]
• Billy Bob Thornton's daughter has been arrested for child neglect. [People]
• Rumor has it Jennifer Hudson is pregnant. [People]

Heidi and Spencer Are Celebrities Dangit, So Get Them Out of There!

The Cajun Boy · 06/01/09 05:34AM

Spencer and Heidi implode on the set of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Madonna and Kate Hudson kinda almost get into a catfight, Billy Bob Thornton's daughter is charged in an infant's death, and Lori Petty spent the weekend in the slammer after getting arrested for DUI.

Madonna Pleads Her Case, LiLo Continues to Devolve

cityfile · 04/13/09 05:52AM

• Madonna's most recent effort to change hearts and minds in Malawi: She pleaded her case in a letter to the country's Nation newspaper, writing that she wants to provide Mercy "with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and health care possible." [Us, NYP]
• Madonna may want to take a cue from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: The couple had their adoption request turned down by Bhutan recently, but they're now moving on to the Philippines, according to Britain's Daily Mail. [NYDN]
• Kipton Cronkite's life appears to be headed downhill: The art world scenester has lost his job and apartment, and he's living rent-free with a rich teenager on the Lower East Side. [P6]
• Ruth Madoff will have to find a new stylist: She's been banned from the Pierre Michel Salon "out of respect for the salon's other customers." [P6]
• Lindsay Lohan's mental condition isn't improving: Friends now say she "barely sleeps" anymore, and she "can't even sit down for a minute without pacing around the room." [People]

Marital Woes for Billy and Bruce?

cityfile · 04/09/09 06:34AM

• Is Billy Joel planning to split up with Katie Lee? That's what the Enquirer is claiming this week, suggesting that Katie's "cozy relationship" with "hunky designer" Yigal Azrouel has caused Billy to consider dumping her. But not until his tour ends in November, which doesn't make much sense. [National Enquirer]
• A New Jersey man says Bruce Springsteen caused the breakup of his marriage. In divorce papers, he alleges Bruce and his estranged wife have been having an affair since the two met up at a local gym more than a year ago. [Star]
• Michael Phelps "skeeved out onlookers" at Marquee on Tuesday by drinking straight from a bottle of vodka and "dancing like a loon," all while making out with his cocktail waitress girlfriend. [NYDN]
• Breaking! Brad Pitt took sons Maddox and Pax to a Dunkin Donuts in Oyster Bay yesterday morning just like a "regular guy." [Star]

How Dare You Call Billy Bob Thornton An Actor!

Richard Lawson · 04/08/09 04:22PM

The genial Q TV host, Jian Ghomeshi, introduced Billy Bob as an "Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor, and director" when doing an interview with Thornton and his band The Boxmasters. And that ticked ol' Billy B. off something fierce.

David Duchovny's Tennis Coach Is Excited to Have Her Truth Out There

Kyle Buchanan · 10/20/08 11:27AM

Like a good episode of The X-Files, David Duchovny's autumn has incorporated one twist after another: shocking revelations (his sex addiction!), creepy, cigarette-smoking men (Billy Bob Thornton!) and now, finally, a guest star who truly is special. Meet Edit Pakay, the actor's 28-year-old tennis instructor, who has given a deliciously rambling interview to The Mail in which she teases that she might have had an affair with Duchovny, though she is eternally quick to back away from the brink of total revelation (also kind of X-Filesy!):

The Truth (About Billy Bob Thornton) Is Out There for a Cuckolded David Duchovny

Kyle Buchanan · 10/16/08 01:12PM

It's been a rough year for the Duchovny-Leonis, what with David's well-publicized trip to sex rehab, the general public's crushing indifference to a way-too-late X-Files movie, and the sad lack of bangable extras at the recent Czechoslovakian street fair in Manhattan. Few were surprised when the patient Tea Leoni announced her separation from Duchovny yesterday, but now the Daily Mail is claiming Duchovny instigated the breakup because Leoni was cheating — with Billy Bob Thornton:


cityfile · 09/24/08 09:21AM

Matthew Broderick holding hands with Sarah Jessica Parker while walking in Midtown and later riding on a scooter with little James ... Maggie Gyllenhaal crossing the street ... Calvin Klein eating outside with a friend ... Carla Bruni carrying a Post under her arm ... Marcia Gay Harden and her daughter crossing the street with smoothies in hand... Katie Holmes leaving her building solo ... Sarah Palin arriving at the Colombian Embassy on the Upper East Side ... Diane Lane posing with an autograph-seeker outside her hotel ... Julianne Moore hopping into a SUV outside her West Village townhouse ... Matt Dillon stepping off the sidewalk ... Billy Bob Thornton outside NBC before taping Conan O'Brien's show ... and John Mayer all dressed up en route to a benefit.


cityfile · 08/19/08 09:26AM

Benji Madden shopping on the Lower East Side ... Brooke Shields filming a scene for Lipstick Jungle at Chelsea Piers ... Suri Cruise going shoe shopping with mom Katie Holmes ... Ben Stiller filming a scene outside the Natural History Museum ... Penn Badgley taking a break from filming Gossip Girl on the Columbia campus ... Rumer Willis showing up to a screening of House Bunny at the Hearst building ... Billy Bob Thornton performing at the Highline Ballroom ... and Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze leaving a Brooklyn bar together.

Billy Bob Thornton 'Elm Street' Rumors Spark Defamer Casting Frenzy

STV · 08/13/08 03:50PM

The day's fastest-spreading casting rumor intrigues as much for its potential for on-screen carnage as its requisite off-screen tragedy: The man who originated Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street has Billy Bob Thornton pegged to portray the razor-fingered villain in a planned remake. Robert Englund doesn't sound too upset about it, either, informing JoBlo that the Michael Bay-produced reimagining would treat Wes Craven's original with the hacky, high-gloss dignity it deserved 25 years ago. Englund stopped short of suggesting he'd join the film, of course, lest he subject himself to Thornton's infamous scythe-handling clumsiness. Nevertheless, his overall support reminds us what a fertile period it is for the villain in American cinema — and how '80s/'90s-era schlock could stand to benefit from an A-list talent injection. We consulted our own casting department for five ideal remakes, and the stars who might push them over the top:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/04/08 06:11AM

Barack Obama turns 47 today! He'll celebrate with fundraising events in Michigan and Boston, although he's probably much more excited about the prospect of planning a party in the West Wing next year. Also celebrating: Robert A.F. Thurman, Columbia professor, former Buddhist monk, and father of Uma, is turning 67. New York's top judge, Judith Kaye, is 70. Scandal-plagued pitcher Roger Clemens is 46. Denim designer Scott Morrison turns 36. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is 37. Law & Order actor Richard Belzer turns 64. Model/actor Marcus Schenkenberg is 40. And Billy Bob Thornton is turning 53.

Angry Message Board Rant Accuses Billy Bob Thornton Of Cyberstalking And Cocaine Abuse

Molly Friedman · 05/20/08 07:40PM

The sister of Billy Bob Thornton’s fourth wife, Pietra Cherniak, is coming forward with a lengthy and more than "adequite" online attack against the actor, who she claims has been stalking and harassing her for almost 10 years. In an email sent out to various gossip sites, Elysabeth Cherniak accuses the formerly entertaining, recently quiet Thornton of not only bugging her phone lines and sending vicious emails, but physically abusing her sister during their marriage and manipulating her father into prescribing him drugs. Speaking of drugs, Cherniak also claims Thornton has been dabbling in cocaine use over the past year. Though the actor’s rep is using the old “Billy Bob doesn’t know how to use email” excuse, this is one actor whose word we don’t automatically value more than their seemingly vindictive accuser. Details on Cherniak's claims, and her email in its entirety after the jump.

When It Comes To Celeb PDA, Boob And Crotch Grabs Are Par For The Course

Molly Friedman · 04/25/08 02:25PM

When it comes to celebrity couples making out in public, you'd think all those beautiful people would know how to make a kiss look hot. They manage to do it on-screen with complete strangers, and frankly, a large part of their job is to hook up take after take and make it still look steamy and unrehearsed, right? But as our slideshow-happy friends at Us have shown us, stars are seriously lacking in the hot and heavy PDA department. While some couples (Drew Barrymore and Justin Long) are downright sweet, and some are disturbingly turning us on at such an early hour (Enrique and Anna Kournikova, natch), we'd like to officially ban any future photos of a select few couples getting down and dirty ever again. The good, the bad, and the nauseating, after the jump: