Don't Cross Chrissy Teigen

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/17/15 07:40PM

Now you see a girl getting in Billboard Music Awards host Chrissy Teigen’s shot—now you don’t. Watch your step, sweetheart!

Watch Miguel Crash-Land Crotch-First Onto Some Poor Girl's Head

Kate Bennert · 05/19/13 09:36PM

During his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel attempted to jump from the stage to the catwalk as the crowd watched on from what they hoped was a safe distance. One lucky fan, however, got up close and personal with the pop singer when his genitals came crashing into the back of her head, slamming her face into the stage. After removing the girl's head from between his legs, Miguel hugged another (not as lucky) fan next to him because everything is awesome and the show must go on.

Watch Britney Spears Embarrass Herself at the Billboard Music Awards

Matt Cherette · 05/22/11 07:57PM

Tonight's Billboard Music Awards opened with a raunchy performance of "S&M" by Rihanna, during which a bunch of random hands tried to caress her vagina. Then Britney Spears shot up from under the stage! Except that it wasn't good, because Spears lip-synced (Rihanna sang live), danced like she had arthritis, and even managed to mess up a song-ending pillow fight.