Sean Hayes Is Back and Ready for (Gay) Action

Richard Lawson · 08/16/11 05:04PM

Jack from Will & Grace is working on a new TV show, about gay things. Also today: Jim Belushi is heading back to television, Bradley Cooper makes a wise decision, and there are too many Jeff Buckleys.

Big Love: The Tangled Web We Wed

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/08/10 01:20AM

Big Love's most surreal season yet went expectedly nuts for its finale. With Bill's election and the polygamists' outing nearing, the family became more fractured than ever before, as serious doubts about their united future shook the once happy Henricksons.

The Big Love Multi-Verse

Arianna Reiche · 03/05/10 12:00PM

Of HBO's repertoire of reliably mind-blowing TV over the last few years, perhaps only Big Love has been able to simultaneously elicit horror and sympathy from its viewers so seamlessly.

Sharing Is Caring on Big Love

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 02/28/10 11:45PM

Big Love's husband and wives exchanged places as Bill learned to share Margie with another man (a Green card marriage for his bastard child), and Nikki, influenced by questionable hormones, realized her true love for Bill, and her accompanying jealousies.

Bill Paxton Answers Prayers, Champions Twister Sequel

Jessica Poolt · 02/18/10 03:46PM

According to Bill Paxton, the first Twister movie only scratched the surface of things that can be uprooted into tornadoes. Instead of watching cow after cow get sucked into the powerful Midwestern vortex, 2010 offers fresh new possibilities.

What Exactly Did Bill Paxton Say About Michael C. Hall's Win?

Whitney Jefferson · 01/17/10 10:18PM

During Michael C. Hall's walk to receive his Golden Globe, the camera panned to Bill Paxton. Rumors on the internet claim he appears to be saying "I knew he was going to beat me. I got beaten by cancer." Yikes.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/15/09 06:43AM

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 28 today. Fox News chief Roger Ailes is turning 69. Chazz Palminteri is 57. Jasper Johns is 79. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright is turning 72. Current Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is turning 61. The founder of Essence Communications, Ed Lewis, is 69. Sportscaster Dan Patrick is 53. Ahmet Zappa is turning 35. Brian Eno is 61. Former football player Emmitt Smith is turning 40. Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker is 55. And actor David Charvet, better known as the father of Brooke Burke's kids, is 37. Weekend birthdays—including that of Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Charles Kushner—below.

It's My First Day

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/02/08 04:00PM

Britney Spears' latest bodyguard/driver suffered a panic attack while attempting to escort the pop star from a clothing boutique, presumably somewhere just off Robertson. Looking at the locust-like media swarm, it was reported that the bodyguard said, "Game Over, Man" multiple times before climbing across Spears' lap to get into the driver's seat.

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 04/11/03 11:54AM

· Bill Clinton was booed after he took the stage at a Willie Nelson concert on Wednesday night. He responded with a comment about "angry Republicans." [Page Six]
· Actor Bill Paxton says he's proud of the gap between his teeth and that a Moroccan once rubbed his shoulder for good luck after seeing it. (Those Moroccan shoulder rubs aren't always for "good luck," Bill.) [Page Six]
· Miss USA Susie Castillo's publicist went nuts when a photographer tried to take a shot of Castillo with anti-war comic/actress Janeane Garofalo. Castillo was scheduled to do several USO tours with troups. [Page Six]
· Stephen Baldwin is scolding brother Daniel Baldwin for threatening to kick Leonardo di Caprio's ass. [NY Daily News]