'All the Bloviating in the World Won't Matter:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 04/07/12 08:55AM

Mitt Romney's nomination is all but decided at this point and Bill O'Reilly has moved his show's narrative ahead to the general election. During the week on the O'Reilly Factor, he made the point that only the debates will really matter and that the rest of it is just "bloviating." Does that mean he'll tone down the rhetoric at all? Of course not.

'The Arrest Thing Isn't as Easy as All That:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 03/31/12 08:55AM

Bill O'Reilly devoted a lot of time to the Trayvon Martin case on the O'Reilly Factor this week, sometimes spending multiple segments on it during a show. O'Reilly spent much of that time advocating for the position that George Zimmerman shoudn't be convicted on television, as he believes other media outlets have done; his preferred tack is to state that there isn't enough evidence for even an arrest, which kind of neuters the idea that Zimmerman would be held accountable at all. It's pretty revolting stuff and I watched it all so you don't have to.

Secret Video: Newt Gingrich's Creepy Wife Grooming Him Like a Circus Walrus

John Cook · 03/28/12 10:45AM

As John Edwards learned the hard way, the camera is always on. It was certainly on in the bowels of Fox News' dark tower last November as failed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's icy wife-bot Callista prepared him for an interview with Bill O'Reilly. She brushed him like a horse, sprayed him like Cher, and locked down his hair with dead-eyed precision. Then O'Reilly said he looked like Justin Bieber. Burn.

'The Obama Administration Wants to Impose Secularism on Everybody:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 03/03/12 10:10AM

Bill O'Reilly is a pretty religious man - his belief is based on the tides coming and going out - and so the recent culture war about religion has really been in his wheelhouse. He's particularly mad at President Obama (what else is new?) on account of the President's march toward secularism and all the horrors that entails. He revisited the subject three times this week on his show. Here are sixty seconds of his best quotes, with a bonus nugget of wisdom from Rick Santorum.

Three Nassau County Cops Indicted For Special Favors to a Donor

John Cook · 03/02/12 04:29PM

The worm turns: As we've reported in the past, the Nassau County Police Department's internal affairs division did a special favor for Bill O'Reilly a couple years back by investigating the detective who was dating his wife. The investigation was launched in part because O'Reilly was considering a sizable donation to the NCPD's private foundation. Yesterday, the Nassau County District Attorney announced the indictments of three NCPD officials for...doing special favors for a donor to the NCPD's private foundation.

'They're Portraying Him As a Religious Zealot:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 02/25/12 09:30AM

With another debate and batch of impeding primaries on his mind, Bill O'Reilly spent much of his week talking about the GOP candidates, particularly the surging Rick Santorum. When O'Reilly sees Santorum, he sees a man being abused by the liberal media who are painting Santorum as some kind of religious nut bag for no reason at all. Apparently, all of Santorum's rhetoric about contraception and God passed O'Reilly by. All in all, it gave Billo plenty to complain about this week.

Bill O'Reilly Insists We Need to Cut Santorum and Gingrich Some Slack

Matt Toder · 02/22/12 12:55AM

Bill O'Reilly appeared on the Tonight Show tonight and, no surprise here, defended Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Santorum, in O'Reilly's view, is so inexperienced that we shouldn't hold what he says against him and apparently Gingrich has had some sort of spiritual awakening which renders of all his past hypocrisies moot. The appearance was basically O'Reilly insisting that Santorum and Gingrich are viable candidates, especially as alternatives to Mitt Romney, whose name only came up once when it was uttered by Jay Leno.

'President Obama is a Nanny State Champion:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 02/18/12 09:55AM

Fox News blowhard in chief Bill O'Reilly has a serious problem with President Obama's "nanny state" and he really got a chance to flex that muscle this week. And why haven't you heard about all the civil liberties the current administration is stomping on? Why, because of the liberal media of course, another one of O'Reilly's punching bags. All in all it made for a particularly blustery week in O'Reilly-land. Here are the highlights in 60 seconds.

Bill Maher Can't Abide the Conservatives' Disrespect for President Obama

Matt Toder · 02/17/12 11:03PM

At the tail end of tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher took a moment to ruminate on the way conservatives treat President Obama, whether it is heckling him during the State of the Union address or, more recently, Governor Jan Brewer throwing her finger in his face and then saying she felt threatened. Maher believes that no other President has ever gotten treated as such to his face and he is probably right. Wonder what could be behind it all.

A Week's Worth of Bill O'Reilly Hate-Watching in 60 Seconds

Matt Toder · 02/11/12 09:18AM

Ever feel the compulsion to hate-watch Fox News' biggest blowhard but find that you just don't have the time on account of being the super busy and important person you are? Well fret not, we've done all the hard work for you and present to you now a sixty second clip of Bill O'Reilly's most hate-able moments from this week.

We Came Very Close to Learning About Bill O'Reilly's Relationship to the Nassau County Cops

John Cook · 02/03/12 01:35PM

Yesterday, a Nassau County Supreme Court judge ruled that the Nassau County Police Department had improperly withheld records about its relationship with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, and agreed to release them at 10:30 this morning. About 45 minutes before the documents were due to become available, Nassau County attorneys appealed the decision and obtained a stay of the order.

Bill O'Reilly Proclaims Self 'Brother' for Distinguishing Between Ice Cube and Ice-T

Max Read · 01/17/12 10:43AM

Here's Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg, arguing about who is the the most white person on the planet, and who is a "brother," based largely on who can accurately distinguish between two famous black men. I had a long rant planned about how embarrassing and irritating it is when white people play the "who's whitest" game, and all the bullshit ignorant assumptions built into it, but I think Ice T really gets to the heart of the issue in this tweet:

Court Docs Confirm O'Reilly's Crusade Against Cuckolding Cop

John Cook · 12/21/11 01:50PM

The Nassau County Police Department has acknowledged in a court filing that Bill O'Reilly played a role in an internal affairs investigation into an NCPD detective, confirming a key element of Gawker's exclusive story last August detailing how the Fox News blowhard tried to have the cop who was dating his wife investigated by his own police department.

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Questioner With Umbrella

John Cook · 12/08/11 12:10PM

Corrupt falafelateer Bill O'Reilly loves nothing more than a good old-fashioned ambush interview. Except when he's the ambushee, in which case he will attack you with his umbrella and try to have you arrested. That's what he did last night when an activist armed with a video camera caught him apparently leaving a Newt Gingrich fundraiser.

Gretchen Carlson and Bill O'Reilly Will Save Christmas Whether You Like It or Not

Matt Cherette · 11/17/11 10:57PM

Clown-hued shriek monster Gretchen Carlson was on tonight's Factor, where she and Bill O'Reilly battled each other for the title of commander-in-chief of the war on the secular War on Christmas. "Just this week, Santa was thrown out of a cancer center in South Carolina. Santa!" said Carlson, apparently unaware of the fact that Santa isn't in the Bible. Then O'Reilly said he would take down companies who ban their employees from saying "Merry Christmas," because JESUS. A clip of the segment is above.