Change In Jet Stream Is the Likely Cause of Brutal Winter

Dayna Evans · 02/16/14 10:30AM

Similar to team-assembling montages in action films, the American Association for the Advancement of Science comes together once a year to discuss developments and discoveries in the field of science, pouring each other green tea and playing mirthful pranks on the younger PhDs. Predictably, the topic of climate change was put on display this year, as 84% of AAAS members believe that humans are causing global warming.

Take a Tour of Bill Nye's House

Whitney Jefferson · 01/18/11 05:21PM

A few fans stopped by Bill Nye's actual house, rung the doorbell, and got him to participate! He kindly shows them around his house, making sure to stop by his electric meter which runs backwards, in case you forgot.

Will Science Die With Bill Nye?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/17/10 03:22PM

Science Guy! NASA machine! Heart drug! Rapid feedback! Skinny death! Meteor shower! And fake exercise myths from fake exercise scientists! It's your Wednesday Science Watch, where we watch science—pseudoscientifically!