BIll Maher Goes After Teenage Republicans

Matt Toder · 06/22/12 10:21PM

In recent years, a few teenage right wingers have gained some nototriety - Jonathan Krohn and Caiden Cowger chief among them - and Bill Maher closed tonight's Real Time with a rant that began with them. Simply put: if a teenager can perfectly deliver your message, there's something wrong with that message.

Bill Maher Doles Out Some Advice to the Occupy Movement

Matt Toder · 06/08/12 10:01PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher offered some advice to the Occupy Movement: get organized and take it to the next level. Maher wants, and believes it to be possible, that with the right moves, the Occupy Movement can be as important for driving Democratic ideology as the Tea Party is for the Republicans.

Bill Maher Wonders Why the Right Is So Mad At Obama When He Is Too

Matt Toder · 05/25/12 10:54PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher closed with a rant about the claim that President Obama is radical in his views. It makes little sense to Maher that the right has such a problem with Obama when Obama hasn't exactly been the bastion of liberal ideology some thought he would be.

Bill Maher Would Like Some More Biden Gaffes, Please

Matt Toder · 05/11/12 10:19PM

It's become clear that Joe Biden going off script during last week's appearance on Meet the Press accelerated President Obama's statement on gay marriage, which is fine by Bill Maher. On tonight's Real Time, Maher made a plea for more of Biden's gaffes, so long as they lead to Democrats saying what they actually believe and not just what they think is politically prudent.

Bill Maher: The Only Politics We Understand Is Scandal

Matt Toder · 04/27/12 10:21PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher closed with rant about the state of our country's political discourse. "The only politics we understand is scandal," he said, "and the only scandal we understand is sex." Maher recounted many politicians who are not held accountable for their lies until those lies involve sex. It all boils down to the very problematic way we talk about both politics and sex in the United States.

Bill Maher: The GOP is Waging a War Against Common Sense

Matt Toder · 04/20/12 10:18PM

Bill Maher closed tonight's Real Time with a rant about how the GOP has begun to politicize issues for no other reason than being reactionary. He cited pink slime, the environment and Rick Santorum's opposition to college as evidence that the GOP isn't interested in much besides saying no to what they deem the liberal agenda. It's all part of their war against common sense.

Bill Maher Doesn't Know Why We're So Scared of Castro

Matt Toder · 04/13/12 10:30PM

Earlier this week, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended five games by the club for his comments about the longevity of Fidel Castro. On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher wondered why Guillen was suspended and pontificated that maybe Fidel Castro isn't so bad, at least not when compared to some of the world's other unsavory heads of state.

Bill Maher Has Had It With Our Gun Culture

Matt Toder · 03/30/12 10:58PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher expressed his dissatisfaction with the gun culture in this country - whether you're on the neighborhood watch or just heading out to shoot a deer with a silencer.

Bill Maher Calls for an End to Outrage

Matt Toder · 03/23/12 10:04PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher talked a little about the current cycle of statement and apology that we've been dealing with. In his view, we need to let people say the ridiculous shit that we can't stand because if we don't, then we will be nothing but a nation of Mitt Romneys consistent only in our desire to please and having no core beliefs whatsoever.

Bill Maher Spins the Kony 2012 Story Forward

Matt Toder · 03/16/12 10:20PM

As Bill Maher put it on tonight's Real Time, making Kony famous without bringing him to justice isn't enough. By just making him famous, we put him on the regular celebrity track in this country which includes getting his cell phone hacked, hooking up with other celebrities and eventually getting into politics.

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News' Free Speech Hypocrisy

Matt Toder · 03/13/12 10:32PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart took Fox News to task over the way they have exemplified the way the right has played the victim in the aftermath of Rush Limbaugh's comments about Sandra Fluke; they've taken an "offsetting penalties" approach and roped in the fact that Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the C word in the past. Of course, the fact that they condemn Maher with the same language they use to defend Limbaugh is beside the fact.

Bill Maher Explains Rick Santorum's Fear of Knowledge

Matt Toder · 03/10/12 12:45AM

Bill Maher ended tonight's episode of Real Time with a speech inspired by Rick Santorum's recent comments about the ills of college, and therefore knowledge. As with most things Santorum, and Maher for that matter, it cycles back to religion.

Bill Maher Explains the Bubbles Both Republicans and Democrats Live In

Matt Toder · 03/02/12 11:30PM

On tonight's Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher ended his show with a short rant about the bubbles that both sides of the political aisle live in. The Conservative bubble is well established, but Maher believes that the Liberals live in one too, one where they don't think President Obama can lose on account of what jokes Romney and Santorum are. As Maher reminds us, there was another joke candidate no one thought had a chance a few years ago: George W. Bush.

Bill Maher Can't Abide the Conservatives' Disrespect for President Obama

Matt Toder · 02/17/12 11:03PM

At the tail end of tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher took a moment to ruminate on the way conservatives treat President Obama, whether it is heckling him during the State of the Union address or, more recently, Governor Jan Brewer throwing her finger in his face and then saying she felt threatened. Maher believes that no other President has ever gotten treated as such to his face and he is probably right. Wonder what could be behind it all.