Bill Keller's Legacy Is the Decline of the Times

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/14 12:09PM

Former New York Times editor Bill Keller's announcement that he's leaving the paper for a news startup is a smart move. It's also the final act in Keller's long history of proving that the New York Times is not as important as it once was.

The Kellers Offered Cancer Tweeter a Place to Stay Before Trashing Her

Adam Weinstein · 01/16/14 11:21AM

Now we know why tweeting cancer chronicler Lisa Bonchek Adams was so blindsided by the critical columns ex-New York Times editor Bill Keller and his wife, Emma, wrote about her last week: The duo approached Adams as a friend and offered her lodgings during her treatment in New York.

Dear Bill Keller: I Have Cancer. Is That OK?

Robert Kessler · 01/14/14 02:58PM

In the fall of last year, I noticed a lump in my left neck which felt to me like a run-of-the-mill swollen lymph node. When it didn't go away I sought the advice of a doctor. Several months and countless medical tests later, the official diagnosis is stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Adam Weinstein · 01/13/14 04:07PM

The plot behind KellerCancerGate thickens: The note on Emma Keller's since-deleted hit piece on a cancer-fighting tweeter now states, "This post has been removed pending investigation." A spokesman for the Guardian tells Gawker that "aspects of the investigation are on-going."

Adam Weinstein · 01/13/14 12:29PM

Emma Keller's controversial column on the tweets of cancer survivor Lisa Adams "has been deleted with the agreement of the subject because it is inconsistent with the Guardian editorial code," the Guardian reports. Apparently they frown upon publishing DMs without permission.

Elaborate Hoax Credits New York Times' Bill Keller With Pro-WikiLeaks Op-Ed

Louis Peitzman · 07/29/12 10:14AM

The Bill Keller who wrote the op-ed "WikiLeaks, a Post Postscript" makes his position clear: regardless of your feelings about Julian Assange, WikiLeaks must be protected under the First Amendment — so, too, the New York Times reporters who published stories based on WikiLeaks information.

Bill Keller Eagerly Reminds You That He Still Hates Julian Assange

Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/12 11:30AM

Former New York Times editor Bill Keller has spent the past year pursuing a weird personal crusade against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He continues, weirdly, and to the detriment of his own reputation. Likewise, we shall continue our crusade against Bill Keller, until all of the world's readers have abandoned both of us, and we are merely talking to one another, like the cranks that we all are.

Bill Keller, Put Out to Pasture, Tilts Endlessly at Windmills

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/12 01:09PM

Cranky Old Man Who Really Has No Original or Insightful Ideas About The Internet or Media in General But Thinks He Does Because He Lived in a High-Powered Bubble For Many Years as NYT Editor and Now Nobody Will Tell Him That His Columns Are All Tedious and Pedestrian Bill Keller has written a snide response to all the snide tweets about the snide response to his last snide column about the internet that was itself not particularly new or interesting.

Ten People Who Should Quit the Media in 2012

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/11 10:00AM

This is not just a list of media people we don't like. Nor is it just a list of media people who had a bad year. This is a list of media people who—abundant evidence shows—should not be in the media, any more. Give it up. Try something else. (We'll even make a suggestion.) You've given it a shot. It's not working any more. The media is not for you.

Bill Keller Will Stop Throwing the Word 'Illegals' Around So Much

Jim Newell · 12/13/11 12:50PM

Great news from the official top paper of historical world record, import, & fame, &c., the New York Times: former executive editor Bill Keller won't use "illegals" to refer to illegal immigrants in his profound-ish columns! What's the big deal? Perhaps that he was using it left and right in his column the other day and everyone got mad at him for this? Indeed, it is so.

Gawker Welcomes the Guardian Staff to Soho

Brian Moylan · 11/17/11 01:14PM

Last night Gawker founder Nick Denton hosted a little soiree at his Soho pad to welcome the American staff of the Guardian who recently moved their office to the neighborhood. And what is a party without a photo booth and a few boldfaced media names? We didn't save you any tea sandwiches, but you can at least enjoy the pictures.

In Defense of Journalistic Facelessness

Hamilton Nolan · 11/01/11 10:55AM

The mighty, omniscient "journalistic tone" is largely a convenient myth. Newspapers and other media outlets long adopted this self-assured institutional writing style which admitted no doubt as a way to appear more knowledgeable than they really were. The internet, with its radical transparency and focus on personality, has eaten away at this obfuscating tone. Which is good. Sometimes.

Would Sean Hannity Ever Leave Fox Voluntarily?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/10/11 01:51PM

In your sparkling Monday media column: Sean Hannity mulls the end, NPR's chief hints at post-government funding, Bill Keller's split personality, magazine ad revenue report, and Conde Nast goes Hollywood.

Qaddafi's Son Is Bisexual and Other Things the New York Times Doesn't Want You to Know

John Cook · 09/16/11 12:48PM

Now that Wikileaks has been forced by circumstance to release the full, unredacted archive of its 250,000-plus classified diplomatic cables, we can see what the New York Times voluntarily redacted, at the request of the State Department, from the cables that it published. Among the things it hid: Muammar Qaddafi has a bisexual son, and a Reuters correspondent is a source for State Department intelligence.