My Conflict

Tom Scocca · 02/15/16 04:10PM

Disclosure: From roughly 2000 through 2008, half or more of my household income came from my wife’s direct employment with Bill or Hillary Clinton. Toward the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, she worked at the White House Domestic Policy Council; after that, she became a legislative aide working on health policy in the newly opened office of Hillary Clinton in the Senate; finally she worked for the Clinton Foundation, establishing its HIV/AIDS program in China.

Bill Fucking Clinton Accuses Bernie Supporters of Sexism

Allie Jones · 02/08/16 12:15PM

Bill Clinton has decided to start attacking his wife’s opponent for the Democratic nomination for president, since that worked so well eight years ago. At a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, Bill mocked Bernie Sanders’s desire for “revolution” and accused Sanders supporters of sexism.

Who Said It: Anti-Rape Activists or Breitbart Commenters Talking About Bill Clinton?

Allie Jones · 01/09/16 09:00AM

With Bill Clinton’s role in Hillary’s presidential campaign comes a resurgence in conservative media attention on all of his baggage, most notably his history of allegedly abusing and/or being inappropriate with women. Conservative commenters, like those who populate the space underneath Breitbart articles titled “EXCLUSIVE – Juanita Broaddrick: Hillary ‘Disgusting’ for Silencing Bill’s ‘Rape’”, have been especially concerned with Bill Clinton’s alleged victims lately.

Who Said It: Bill Cosby's Lawyers or Sid Blumenthal? 

Allie Jones · 01/08/16 02:10PM

Now that Bill Cosby has been officially charged with sexual assault in connection with a 2004 incident in Pennsylvania, another forgotten rape accusation against a seemingly-untouchable American figure has resurfaced. With the help of a Twitter account, former nursing home executive Juanita Broaddrick caught the media’s attention this week by reiterating a claim she first publicly made almost 20 years ago: Bill Clinton raped her.

It's Weird to Insinuate a Guy You Invited to Your Wedding Is a Rapist

Sam Biddle · 01/05/16 05:58PM

On yesterday’s episode of the conservative Howie Carr Show, Donald Trump was asked to describe the difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, a man accused of raping tens of women. His answer: “you almost have to ask Bill Clinton that question.”

Here Is the Only Known Photo of Hillary Clinton Meeting Monica Lewinsky

J.K. Trotter · 10/09/15 11:45AM

One of the more curious features of Bill Clinton’s years-long affair with Monica Lewinsky is the photographic trail the paramours left behind: posing in the Oval Office, hugging on the campaign trail, shooting the shit in the West Wing. In the years since, however, no such photos have emerged of Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton—which is more than a little strange, given the outsized role the former First Lady played in her husband’s administration.

Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

Nick Bryant · 01/22/15 02:55PM

Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the " Lolita Express"—the private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—with an actress in softcore porn movies whose name appears in Epstein's address book under an entry for "massages," according to flight logbooks obtained by Gawker and published today for the first time. The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a "potential co-conspirator" in his crimes.

Anatomy of a Right-Wing Bill Clinton Meme

Andy Cush · 12/18/14 11:35AM

If you travel in certain GOP-centric lanes of the internet, you may have recently come across the above image macro, whose jumbled message depends on awareness of Bill Clinton's reputation as a lecher, resentment of the rape accusations against Bill Cosby, and the apophenic close-reading presumption that it's significant that both are named "Bill C." Let's break it down.