Hitler Goes Bollywood!

Richard Lawson · 06/09/10 05:38PM

It's true. There will be a Bollywood Hitler movie. Also today: Idiot Paul Rudd's non-idiot sisters are named, everyone's favorite show has been renewed, that Superbad kid just keeps hangin' on, and a great new series begins.

Bill Murray Rages Against the Machine

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 05/12/10 10:45AM

Bill Murray takes on technology in a rant filmed in multiple takes for a television promo in 1982. No facet of the futurescape goes without notice, as the comedy master bemoans everything he can with equal displeasure.

Bill Hoffman Out at Page Six

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/09 11:00AM

The gossip world giveth jobs, and the gossip world taketh jobs away. Last week, Page Six hired Emily Smith to replace departed deputy editor Paula Froelich. Now, the column has let Bill Hoffman go. What happened?

All of the Obama Scandals (So Far)

Owen Thomas · 02/05/09 03:46PM

What happened to No-Drama Obama? As the blithe candidate of hope, he led a leakproof, gaffe-resistant campaign. Ever since the election, he's been exploding with scandal and gossip. Fantastic!

Gawker's Top Ten Posts of 2008

Richard Lawson · 12/31/08 01:36PM

Oh what a year it was! We had some big, boffo posts, primarily about monsters (Cruise, Palin, O'Reilly and Montauk). Yay for riches. Enjoy!