Courageous U.S. Beach Volleyball Players Will Compete in Bikinis Even Though Shorts and a T-Shirt Are Totally Allowed

Caity Weaver · 07/27/12 10:30AM

The most vivid memory that the majority of Americans have of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, apart from the awe-inspiring opening ceremonies which will no doubt be bested tonight by the appearance of over two dozen Mary Poppinses, was that odd 40-day stretch in which women's beach volleyball was the only thing on television. Not the only competition being broadcast on the NBC Olympic channels. Not the only sport on all the sports channels. Literally the only thing being shown at any time on any channel, including HBO which is not even TV, it's HBO, was women's beach volleyball.

Snow Suit

Brian Moylan · 01/25/11 07:07PM

[This bikini encased in ice was displayed in Times Square today to make New Yorkers want to visit Ft. Lauderdale. But it may just remind you of how much weight you have to lose before summer. Image via AP]

A Short List of Hideous Celebrity Bellybuttons

Chris Wyman · 08/30/10 09:20AM

The Short List is VH1's latest incarnation of its "Best Week Ever" franchise, and in the midst of an episode devoted to Hollywood Beach Bodies, they presented navel evidence suggesting that these three celebrities were spawned in an underground laboratory.

Lust, Hatred, Beauty, Food: BurgerSex Ads Will Never Die

Hamilton Nolan · 06/24/09 03:27PM

This sexualization of mass-produced, tongue-pleasing food will continue forever, because selling the myth of easy sex to men and the myth of being able to eat fast food while maintaining a model-esque body to women in one fell swoop is just too damn effective—especially when paired with cheap food products designed to activate our mouth's pleasure centers—because people are basically dumb animals. That burger looks gross though.
[via Adrants]

Heather Locklear And Denise Richards Square Off In Bikini Deathmatch

Molly Friedman · 04/25/08 06:25PM

Former BFFs Heather Locklear and Denise Richards have each enjoyed watching the other's respective star status fall farther with each passing year, but the good news is they both share something in common to smile about. While it's not exactly an Emmy, they both look hot in bikinis. Heather's gone from starring in a hit primetime drama and being the object of many a male fantasy to her current role in a Lifetime movie about women over 40 or something. And Denise? Well, after impressing nearly every male on the planet with her pouty lips and lesbian pool antics in Wild Things, she earned the title of Mrs. Charlie Sheen (quite an honor, indeed). Now? She's filming some kind of reality show that no one cares about. What do we care about? Who looks better in their red bikinis, and who's the better surfer! Judge for yourselves after the jump:

For Sienna Miller, Every Beach Is A Nude Beach

Molly Friedman · 04/14/08 12:20PM

For an actress without any implants to show off, Sienna Miller is officially one of the least inhibited stars around. Our friends at Egotastic have caught the sweet talker revealing her naughty bits in the past, and earlier this year we learned about her habit of getting busy in restaurant wine cellars. And now, it seems the ocean's ability to remove her bikini top led Sienna to turn a day at the beach into an opportunity to pretend she was on a nude one for a while, chit chatting topless and waiting longer than one usually does to fix a loose suit.

'Candid' Paparazzi Pictures Prove Mischa Barton May Be A Decent Actress After All

Molly Friedman · 04/10/08 02:30PM

What's a girl to do when the only headlines she's making involve DUIs and smoking the reefer? Why, pose for highly styled, candid-ish bikini shoot with the photo agency widely known for setting up highly styled, candid-ish bikini shoots of course! Mischa Barton put on her designer bikini best, got her hair did and brought along props like books and hats to the beach yesterday to act her way through a series of paparazzi shots, in an attempt to prove to the world that she can read (!) and pick her own wedgies (!).

Surprise Of The Year: The Olsen Twins Look Hot In Bikinis

Molly Friedman · 03/28/08 04:28PM

We're fans of surprises here at Defamer, especially when they involve young female stars in bikinis. So when we came across these photos of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen in their itty bitty swimsuits on Egotastic, we were admittedly shocked. Considering all those years-old anorexia rumors, coupled with endless paparazzi shots making the tiny twins look roughly 80 pounds combined, we'd expect a somewhat fear-filled reaction upon seeing MK and Ash undressed. But you know what? Hugh Hefner may not have been crazy after all when he decided the twins would be ideal candidates for his next Playboy spread. Even if the camera does add poundage, we're seeing muscle tone and curves. Take a closer look at the full gallery, up close and personal, after the jump.

Missing: One Celebrity Belly Button And One Sense Of Inhibition

Molly Friedman · 03/11/08 01:41PM

It's no longer shocking to see a celebrity waltzing around the beach post-op (Courtney Love, anyone?) but, thankfully, most celebs remember to remove their bandages before donning their itsy bitsys. But what if said bandages are there for life? And in the form of their own flesh? Well, if they belong to surgery-happy Patricia Heaton, we will all have the pleasure of viewing them! In light of recent photos showing Ray Romano's television wife in her bikini and missing one bellybutton, the Huffington Post dug up some slightly unreadable details on the magically disappearing must-have and the revelations, like the photos, are not pretty: