Peeping Down Under

Brian Moylan · 01/26/11 07:01PM

[It might be winter in many parts of the U.S., but it was perfect weather to celebrate Australia Day on the beach in Perth where this reveler got an eyeful at the Havaianas Thong Challenge. Image via Getty]

How Close Is Too Close Between Mother and Son?

Maureen O'Connor · 01/07/11 01:04PM

When I first saw these amorous images, I thought supermodel Stephanie Seymour had taken a young lover. But—surprise!—that is actually her 18-year-old son. How close is too close when it comes to mothers and sons?

Hot Girl in a Bikini Holds an Awkward Dance Party of One

Matt Cherette · 11/29/10 02:18PM

Here's a two-and-a-half minute video of a hot girl in a bikini at some sort of pool party. Oh, also: she appears to be on a couple of party drugs, and holds an impromptu dance party of one. Watch inside.

Summer Isn't Over Until Christina Ricci Says It's Over

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/03/08 03:00PM

While the Labor Day holiday traditionally spells the end of summertime, Christina Ricci believes otherwise. Ricci, along with her Speed Racer co-star/boyfriend Kick Gurry, took full advantage of the empty beaches of Malibu on Tuesday afternoon. In between tanning sessions and delightful romps through the surf, Ricci said, "It's the perfect time for a beach trip. No kids. No teens. No tourists. I'd be so depressed if I had to spend my day trapped in an office with weather like this. It's amazing!."