Aleksander Chan · 05/18/15 11:56AM

Waco police have arrested 170 people in connection with Sunday’s deadly shootout between rival biker gangs outside a restaurant that left nine dead and at least 18 injured. The suspects are being charged with “engaging in organized crime.”

Dead Biker Buried Riding Harley in Giant Transparent Casket

Taylor Berman · 01/31/14 07:16PM

Years before Billy Standley died on Sunday, he planned out every detail of his funeral: He bought up the three plots next to his wife's grave, had his sons build him a custom casket, and arranged for the funeral director to embalm him in a sitting position. Earlier today, Standley's dream funeral took place, and he was laid to rest atop his beloved Harley-Davidson.

College Professor Wanted for Dealing Meth, Leading Biker Gang

Jeff Neumann · 09/02/11 04:25AM

Cal State San Bernardino associate professor Stephen Kinzey not only taught kinesiology, but he was allegedly the leader of a meth-selling biker gang, the Devils Diciples. The Los Angeles Times reports that an arrest warrant is out for Kinzey after police raided his home and found all sorts of goodies. And while we say allegedly, this guy's exteme goatee kind of gives him away. But still, this is pretty crazy:

The 9/11 Charity Fraud Shame List

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 01:33PM

The Associated Press checked in with 325 charities founded in the wake of 9/11, many of which are still active. Most of them were doing nice things! But a bunch were doing ethically dubious, borderline fraudulent things, frittering away millions of benevolently bestowed dollars.

Easy, Rider

Jeff Neumann · 07/24/10 12:50PM

[Manly man Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a Harley Davidson motorized tricycle to a biker convention in southern Ukraine today. Trikes are tough. Image via AP]

Brooklyn's Hottest Stereotypes in Battle of Bike Lane Martyrs

Hamilton Nolan · 12/09/09 10:47AM

Objectively speaking, some 24 year-olds repainting bike lanes on the street ranks in the bottom 10% of New York crime stories on any given day. But since they are HIPSTERS who love to ride bikes battling THE JEWS who hate hipsters and their immodest bike-riding attire, there in Williamsburg, in a sexxxy culture clash, well then. Two bike lane repainters got arrested and now the cultural martyrdom grows deeper: