Look at This Moron Ranting About a High School's Gay-Straight Alliance

Rich Juzwiak · 03/15/16 01:11PM

It’s depressing and telling that the man in the video above carries an ideology that has serious heft in the ongoing struggle over the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance Club at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee. But the world we live in is one in which someone can babble, “You know, when you have clubs, usually it’s a science club, uh, uh, different clubs, health club or Rotary Club or different clubs, but their schools have their clubs, uh, but a club that’s just to decide about sex that falls out of the realm of the education,” earnestly, without forfeiting his standing in an issue that has precisely nothing to do with him.

Donald Trump Is Really Racking Up the Racists

Melissa Cronin · 02/27/16 10:14AM

Donald Trump’s army of racists grew by (at least) one on Friday, when noted bigot and Governor of Maine Paul LePage endorsed the presidential candidate.

Bigoted Pennsylvania Teens Organize Day of Flannel-Wearing, Gay-Bashing

Jay Hathaway · 04/20/15 05:25PM

Following a Day of Silence in support of bullied LGBT teens, a group of anti-gay Pittsburgh-area high schoolers decided they were entitled to a special day of their own. In honor of “Anti-Gay Day,” they drew anti-gay slogans on their hands, wore matching flannel outfits, and, allegedly, created a “lynch list” of kids who support the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance.

FSU Lecturer Loses Job Over Rant Against "Filthy Rodent Muslims"

Adam Weinstein · 12/10/14 11:50AM

A senior business communications instructor at Florida State University left her job but refused to apologize last week after blaming "filthy rodent Muslims" for ruining France and telling a prominent gay hairstylist on Facebook to "Take your Northern fagoot [sic] elitism and shove it up your ass."

Westboro Baptist Church Accepts Comedian's Offer of Free Trip to Iraq

Jay Hathaway · 08/22/14 09:06AM

Last week, comedian Adam Hills, who hosts The Last Leg on Britain's Channel 4, took the Westboro Baptist Church to task for threatening to picket Robin Williams' funeral like a bunch of dickheads. He also put his money where his mouth is and offered to fly every WBC member to Iraq to picket "the people threatening to behead Christians if they don't convert."

Rich Juzwiak · 01/17/14 04:41PM

The View's Sherri Shepherd, who once said she "didn't know" if the Earth is flat, has this to say about gays: "I might not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you. You may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me." Actually, Sherri, I don't.

Lacey Donohue · 01/01/14 02:26PM

Today the Boy Scouts of America officially lifted its ban on openly gay youths. According to the BSA, "while people have different opinions about this policy, we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting." But don't get too excited: the ban on openly gay leaders will remain.

Lacey Donohue · 11/21/13 07:52PM

Dayna Morales, the New Jersey waitress and former Marine who received a hateful note in lieu of a tip, has now received thousands of dollars in donations. But in order to "pay it forward," Morales has chosen to donate all of the money to the Wounded Warrior Project.