Biggie Too Criminal, Too Fat To Have Brooklyn Corner Named After Him

Camille Dodero · 10/16/13 05:45PM

Earlier this year, Brooklyn resident LeRoy McCarthy started an online petition to name a local street corner after Biggie Smalls, specifically an intersection near the late rapper's childhood home. The petition gained enough strength to be brought before a community board hearing yesterday and DNA Info reports that the board members weren't so keen on dedicating part of their neighborhood to the man responsible for "Ten Crack Commandments." In fact, they complained that Biggie was too criminal, too misogynistic, and, weirdly, too physically unfit to deserve the tribute.

That's essentially what one member told the room:

Biggie Smalls Will Appear as a Friendly Ghost in a New Cartoon Starring His Children

Caity Weaver · 03/12/13 03:40PM

Have you always felt that the Scooby-Doo cartoon series would have been better served by the incorporation of a murdered father character in lieu of the combative Scrappy-Doo? Time to test our your theory, weird kid: The Notorious B.I.G.'s teenage children are set to star in a new animated musical series called House of Wallace —and Biggie will appear as a ghost.

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/12 03:07PM

Fifteen years after his murder, Biggie Smalls' autopsy's been unsealed. "No drugs or alcohol were found in his system."

It's the 15th Deathiversary of Biggie Smalls

Hamilton Nolan · 03/09/12 12:00PM

In the early morning hours of March 9, 1997, Biggie Smalls was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a stoplight in Los Angeles. Despite a profusion of theories, his murder has never been officially solved. That's fucked up.

Book: Puffy Had Tupac Killed, Suge Knight Had Biggie Killed

Hamilton Nolan · 10/03/11 10:38AM

Internationally famous rap star Tupac Shakur was shot dead in an extremely public fashion in 1996. Internationally famous rap star Biggie Smalls was shot dead in an extremely public fashion in 1997. Still, no one has ever been charged with their murders. That is some bullshit. However! A new book from a former LAPD investigator on the case has very interesting story to tell.

Tupac Lives! (In the Library of Congress)

Jeff Neumann · 06/23/10 07:24AM

The Library of Congress is adding Tupac's "Dear Mama," along with 24 other recordings, to its National Recording Registry today for their cultural significance. The program coordinator said the song was chosen because it is "relatively tame." What, no Biggie?

Biggie Smalls Is Still Influential 13 Years After His Death

Vanessa Prat · 03/09/10 03:53PM

Today is the 13th anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace—aka The Notorious B.I.G.—possibly the most momentous hip hop artist of all time. Here he is before he "made it," rapping on a Brooklyn street corner at 17.

Rapper Wants Millions For Losing Battle To Biggie

Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/08 11:24AM

If you were a totally unknown rapper who suddenly appeared in a documentary rhyming alongside the late Biggie Smalls, one of the greatest and fattest men to ever pick up a microphone, wouldn't you be happy for the publicity? (Yes, if you were smart). Not if your name was Supreme, a Brooklyn rapper who is suing some documentary makers for $20 million (good luck) for using footage of the Notorious B.I.G. battling Supreme in 1994. It caused him "mental distress," the poor lil guy! The Post says the suit "neglects to say who won the war of words between Supreme and Biggie," but we're gonna go with "Biggie by a mile," based on classic clips like this one:

Puffy Knew In Advance About 1994 Tupac Shooting, Says LAT

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/08 03:36PM

An exclusive story in the LA Times today says that P. Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs, the hip hop superstar and head of Bad Boy Records, knew in advance about a 1994 ambush in which rap icon Tupac Shakur was shot five times and robbed in a New York recording studio. According to the story, a promoter and talent manager who were friendly with Puffy set up Tupac because they were angry about his insolent posture towards NYC and its hip hop heavyweights. The key facts: