Answers to All of Life's Little Mysteries

Maureen O'Connor · 02/07/12 04:51PM

"What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?" Yahoo News asked today. Intrigued by this mysterious world without cats (What would we put bread on?) I clicked the link and found myself at Life's Little Mysteries, a LiveScience sister site dedicated to answering search-engine optimized questions of childlike wonderment like "Why are there holes in 'Swiss' cheese?" and "Who Will Succeed Kim Jong-Il?" (Trick question. Can't be answered.)

Window Smudges Could be Bigfoot's, Says Paranormal Group

Lauri Apple · 06/25/11 05:54PM

Seems like every time members of the Sanger Paranormal Society go looking for evidence of Bigfoot, they find some. How coincidental is that? This week, members announced that the notoriously shy forest dweller might have left some smudge marks on a truck belonging to the society's founder, Jeff Gonzalez.

Washington Hiker Swears She Has Video Evidence of Bigfoot

Matt Cherette · 05/27/11 05:02PM

Last weekend, a woman named Samantha went hiking with her friends near Spokane, Washington and documented the trek with her iPhone. After returning home and reviewing footage of the hike, however, Samantha was stunned to see an uninvited—yet strangely familiar—figure moving ahead of her group. Could it be... Bigfoot? [via KOMO]

Bigfoot Hoaxers Not Even Trying Anymore

Adrian Chen · 03/24/11 11:16AM

Hey look! It's Bigfoot! No it's not. It's obviously some dude in a gorilla suit. But, nice try, Thomas Bryers of North Carolina.

Bigfoot Talks with the Mythbusters

Annie Fleming · 10/24/10 11:00AM

Bigfoot invited Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters over for an interview, and boy does he have an attitude problem. He disses the Discovery channel, calls Jamie a "French walrus," and asks if they think he's real.

The Big Bigfoot Let-Down

ian spiegelman · 08/16/08 07:24AM

So, remember those guys who were going to reveal their earth-shattering Bigfoot discovery at a huge press conference? Well, the huge press conference happened yesterday and the intrepid hunters revealed exactly diddly-squat. Not bothering to display the alleged Bigfoot corpse they say they've kept in a freezer since finding it in Georgia over a month ago, a couple of yokels still received several hundred journalists at a press conference in Palo Alto, CA, yesterday. The liars, a cop on medical leave from the Clayton County Poilce Department and a former corrections officer, instead plugged their website and offered Sasquatch-hunting weekends in Georgia for $499. Oh, but they did produce one bit of evidence.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creep): Busted Perv Sez 'Bigfoot Made Me Do It'

Pareene · 03/27/08 01:12PM

Earlier this week, dangerous fiend Gene Morrill was convicted of 20 charges of sex crimes involving minors. At his sentencing hearing in Stafford County, Virginia, yesterday, Morrill offered a stunning defense: a sasquatch molested him in the woods of New Hampshire. The heroic journalists at Washington DC's WJLA led with this story on yesterday's 5 p.m. newscast. Reporter Jessica Weinstein actually contacted experts at the Bigfoot Field Research Organization to ask whether Bigfoot had ever been spotted in New Hampshire. This is why blogs can never replace genuine shoe-leather reporting. The ABC7 report is attached. [WJLA]