Big Sean Is Turning Princeton Students Into Idiots

Jordan Sargent · 04/29/15 01:55PM

There is a crisis at Princeton University. This Sunday, the rapper Big Sean is scheduled to perform at one of those school events where bored underclassmen gather to watch a semi-famous musician they don’t actually like that much. This bit of the college experience should be numbingly routine, but instead it’s making a bunch of people at the school lose their minds.

Today's Song: Kanye West Featuring Chief Keef, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Big Sean 'I Don't Like (Remix)'

Emma Carmichael · 05/02/12 04:36PM

Chief Keef, the 16-year-old unsigned rapper from Chicago, is still on house arrest at his Grandma's, but now he has a Kanye West remix to his name, because technology has had something of an effect on musical collaborations. Instead of recording in the studio together, Kanye sent some producers from his new label, G.O.O.D. music, to Keef's home in Chicago, where they set up a laptop and a microphone. Keef typed out a verse onto his iPhone on the spot, then yelled into a microphone for a few minutes, and this banger of a street remix was born.