Here's How Two Killers Packing at Least One Big Dick Escaped From Prison

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/09/15 11:15PM

How did two convicted murderers escape from a maximum security prison this weekend? Who is Tillie, and did she betray her husband for a big-dicked con? Will we ever find out how big the other guy’s dick is? Here’s everything we know about the killers and their flirty escape.

Why Small Dicks Are Better Than Big Ones, According to an Expert

Jay Hathaway · 11/05/14 11:00AM

Big-ass dicks—huh! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, according to the true confessions of little-dick enthusiast Monique Anderson. Well, to each her (or his) own in matters of dick physics and aesthetics, but she brings up some good points here.

Do She? She Do!

Choire · 07/19/07 12:00PM

Eavesdropping on the gays is the surest way to find out what products and people are hot and what are not. Rod Townsend records the gays in and around their natural environment of Fire Island and reports back. All dialogue 100% verbatim.