The Big Brother Finale: Consider Your Summer Sabotaged

Adrian Muniz · 09/16/10 12:17AM

Slippery wieners, nasty hair extensions, fake terminal illnesses and one Zingbot 3000. Sadly, these are only the things we'll take away from this summer's installment of Big Brother. And here's how it ended: the good, the bad, and the nausea-inducing.

Big Brother Week 9: The Week We Stopped Caring Who Wins

Adrian Muniz · 09/09/10 10:44PM

Three frat boys realized their goal of making it to finale night, leaving a path of destruction strewn with the evicted bodies of women, a gay, and one Orthodox Jew in their wake. Perfect game? Maybe. Exciting? Not one bit.

Big Brother Week 8: You Are Worse Than Evil!

Adrian Muniz · 09/03/10 02:18AM

How do you follow a double-elimination week on Big Brother? With giant singing clams, impromptu dance parties, and having the only gay in the house vowing on camera to "expose the cracks" within their ranks. And then there were four...

Big Brother Week 7: Of Penguins and Gremlins

Adrian Muniz and Kristina Lucarelli · 08/26/10 10:19PM

With only seven house guests left and the summer rapidly coming to a close, the game has reached a turning point. This week, friends turned against friends, enemies bonded over chum baths and furry-cuffs, and two people were sent packing.

Big Brother Week 6: "I'm Back, B*tches!"

Kristina Lucarelli · 08/19/10 09:52PM

Holy drama, Batman! Between Rachel's brief return to the house, Ragan's epic battle to stay alive in the game, and the impending doom the Diamond Power of Veto would bring, this week had it all. Tears! Sabotage! Masturbation! Let's go!

Big Brother Week 5: They Finally Came Between Rachel and Her Man

Adrian Muniz and Kristina Lucarelli · 08/12/10 11:58PM

After five weeks of vomit-inducing PDA and one-sided "I love yous", the gruesome twosome of Rachel and Brendon are being split up. Thank God. Let's celebrate all the drama that led to their demise. Until the finale, au revoir, Brenchel!

Big Brother Week 4: Floaters, Grab Your Life Vests

Kristina Lucarelli and Adrian Muniz · 08/05/10 10:08PM

This week on Big Brother, one show-mance targeted another leaving Hayden and Kristen to fight for their lives. Let's remember their last week together—tie-dyed unitards, solitary confinement and all—and have one more look at the way they were.

Big Brother 12, Week 3: Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Adrian Muniz · 07/29/10 09:45PM

Contestants on Big Brother—with no TV or internet to distract themselves with—do a lot of talking. So let's take a look back at a week where it seemed everyone met their downfall by opening their big fat mouths.

Big Brother 12, Week 2: Blackout

Adrian Muniz and Kristina Lucarelli · 07/23/10 12:03AM

Starting with a graffiti-themed luxury competition served with a side of Ebonics, down to the nomination of the only person of color in the Big Brother house, let's take a look back at a week that was anything but wack.

Big Brother 12: Cheaper by the Dozen

Kristina Lucarelli and Adrian Muniz · 07/08/10 11:00PM

If you happened to turn the channel to CBS around 8:20pm tonight you may have seen thirteen grown men and women in bike shorts zip-lining across their backyard on giant, slippery hot dogs. That's right. Big Brother is back.