Buy Lists of Rape Victims, Drunks, and More for 8 Cents a Name

Adam Weinstein · 12/19/13 02:02PM

A virtually unregulated class of companies that sells consumers' personal information to marketers is using new technology to dive deeper than ever—peddling quasi-legal lists of alcoholics, addicts, depressives, rape victims, and even "Hispanic payday loan seekers."

Adam Weinstein · 12/17/13 01:58PM

Ashford University's for-profit, mostly online b-school has officially relaunched as the Forbes School of Business®, with "guest lectures from Forbes contributors." Coincidentally, the Gawker Journalism School is in session. Enroll now by signing up for a free Kinja account.

Adam Weinstein · 12/12/13 02:21PM

How many months does the average full-time McDonald's, Starbucks, Gap, Target or Best Buy worker need to work in order to match what the CEO makes in an hour? Place your bets, then hit the link for knowledge. Depressing, awful knowledge.