The Great Bike Debate

Brian Moylan · 03/09/11 03:57PM

Why is everyone so damn worked up bike lanes, those green strips of pavement that have been popping up all over New York (and causing disputes) in the past few years? A New Yorker scribe is virulently opposed to them, and now everyone seems opposed to him.

Watch Extreme Bike Jumpers Fall Into a Pond

Andrew Throdahl · 10/04/10 02:48PM

If this cold, rainy day makes you miss summer, this video of some college kids vaulting themselves into a pond may make you miss it more. Guess this is just one more thing to add to our bucket lists!

Take that, Relevance!

Adrian Chen · 10/02/10 04:31PM

[Pink flips off the camera while riding a bike in Santa Monica (pic by Pacific Coast news)]

Hero Crazy Person Will Mess Up Your Bike Lock

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/10 11:22AM

Fed up with "Yuppies"—and the city officials who "allow them into the neighborhood"—some lunatic is injecting Krazy Glue into random bike locks in fauxhemian Williamsburg, for justice. "No bike is safe." Goodness. [Brooklyn Paper; Pic via]

Why Do Naked People Always Want To Be On Bicycles?

Maureen O'Connor · 06/14/10 05:36PM

The World Naked Bike Ride took place this past weekend to protest overdependence on cars. A good message, but why is bike solidarity always naked? If biking without a helmet is dangerous, shouldn't nude biking be, too?

Bike Messengers Turn to Vigilantism In Theft-Ridden Lost Angeles

Richard Lawson · 02/11/10 05:11PM

The fiery, war-torn streets of the American urban hellscape that is LA have given birth to some serious vigilantes. Bike theft is running rampant in California's dystopic bowels, so two couriers recently took the law into their own hands.

Historic Hasid-Hipster Powwow Proves the Value of a Common Enemy

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/10 05:48AM

Williamsburg's hipsters broke bread with local Hasidim Monday at a community meeting where they discussed their disputed bike lane. "The debate didn't really get anyone anywhere," reports a local hipster. Uh oh, is that the sound of youthful idealism crashing?

Bicycle Jump Turns Into Bicycle Face Plant

Sergio Hernandez · 01/07/10 02:30PM

For some people, doing dumb or embarrassing things on camera is as easy as riding a bike. For others, it actually is trying to ride a bike.

Projectile Bicycle Used to Stop Thieves

Mike Byhoff · 12/28/09 01:17PM

This is one badass citizen's arrest. After two thieves steal a woman's purse, they make off on a moped. Little did they know they would be immediately thwarted by a man hurling his bike right at their thieving faces.

Baruch Herzfeld —

Gabriel Snyder · 12/08/09 09:53AM

bicycle activist describing the gulf between Hasidim and hipsters in Williamsburg, as revealed in a battle over bike lanes (Hasids say they fear "staring at members of the opposite sex in various states of undress"), to the New York Post.

Also, Some Of Their Best Friends Are Black

Hamilton Nolan · 05/30/08 01:24PM

After commenters attacked the Times' Jennifer 8. Lee for her rather asinine, haughty story questioning how convenient bicycle commuting really is, her editor stepped in to defend her: "Readers, Since some of you seem to be seeking disclosures... Jennifer 8. Lee, a native New Yorker, has never owned a car. Nor do most writers and editors on the blog's staff. Indeed, several of us are avid cyclists." Proving cyclists can write dumb articles about cycling, too. [City Room via Animal NY]

Owen walks, talks

Valerie Flame · 01/17/08 02:48PM

Just an hour ago, the man formerly known as "buttercupbutterscotch stallion" and now simply known as "crazy," Owen Wilson, was seen walking on Broadway wearing a fedora - not riding a bicycle or even a unicycle.