Crazed Greenwich Village Gunman Also Off-Duty NYPD Officer

Alex Pareene · 06/14/16 02:09PM

An argument between a driver and bike messengers in Manhattan yesterday almost became deadly when the driver pulled out a gun. Reports of a gunman spread, and a local elementary school was even put on lockdown, but thankfully police and firefighters arrived before anyone was shot.

Hero Cyclist Somehow Lands on His Feet After High-Flying Car Collision

Andy Cush · 07/23/14 01:30PM

The cyclist in the video above was riding through a London suburb "to gain some fitness," he writes on YouTube, when a car going the opposite direction suddenly turned right into the bike lane. The head-on collision that ensued is the stuff of bike-riding nightmares.

Check Out Sexy Ron Paul Being Don Draper On a Bicycle

Ken Layne · 05/23/13 11:29AM

Who's the sexy Air Force dude on the beach cruiser? Oh and who's that cute little blond boy? This photograph of "the America we lost" shows Doctor Ron Paul and his son, board-uncertified ophthalmologist Rand Paul. If you're wondering how these two become so nutty in the 21st Century, all the clues are in this seemingly innocent photograph.

A Bicycle Decomposing on a New York Sidewalk

Brian Moylan · 01/19/12 05:40PM

You know I love a good time lapse movie and I love to ride bicycles, so this video is really freaking cool. The branding folks at Red Peak chained a bicycle to a New York sidewalk and took pictures of it every day for a year. Watch as it slowly is pillaged by thieves.

Even Antelopes Hate Bicyclists

Matt Cherette · 10/11/11 03:13AM

Have you ever been waiting patiently to cross the street, then when it's finally your turn, there's some jerk riding a bike down the middle of the road and you wish you could just run out there and ram right into him but you don't, of course, because then you'd be injured and/or in trouble? Well, this South African Red Hartebeest (let's call him Buck Norris) knows nothing about this "timidity" of which you speak. [via Doobybrain]

The Bike Repair Vending Machine That Sells Parts, Tools, and Snacks

Remy Stern · 07/23/11 02:03PM

It's happened to every biker. A flat tire in an inconvenient place on your commute, and the nearest bike shop is a long walk away. Most casual bikers don't carry extra tubes or tools with them; and so any repair work on the road can mean an end to a bike ride, and potentially leaving your bike locked up somewhere slowly rusting as you forget about it in your frustration. That's why the idea of the Bike Fixtation is so brilliant: a place for you to buy new parts and then install them yourself.

Ambitious, Talented Thieves Steal 35 Bikes at Once

Hamilton Nolan · 07/20/11 08:07AM

Nobody bats an eye if a bike gets stolen, or even if two or three bikes get stolen off the same rack. But stealing three dozen fucking bikes at once? That's when you have to stand up and admit: "You, sir or sirs or madam or madams, are an ambitious and talented bicycle thief or thieves whose 'can-do' attitude will take you far in the world of thievery."

Now You Can Buy a Wine Rack for Your Bike

Matt Cherette · 07/15/11 03:04AM

Hipsters love bikes. They also love wine. But because stuffing a bottle of red in your messenger bag before pedaling down to the park for a picnic is totally déclassé, it hasn't been possible to marry the two. Until now, that is. Etsy user oopsmark is now offering a "Bicycle Wine Rack," which is described thusly:

Band of Hooligans Chops Down a Tree to Steal a Bike

Brian Moylan · 06/09/11 05:30PM

There are senseless crimes and there is this. Four guys hanging out in Brooklyn early yesterday morning chopped down a tree so that they could steal the bike that was chained to it.

New York Intersection Filled with Reckless Assholes

Ryan Tate · 06/07/11 06:02PM

Cyclists, pedestrians, drivers—we're all endlessly reckless in our self transit, it turns out. Just watch all the near death experiences at this single New York intersection.