Semi-Celebrities Finally Have a Place to Go to Complain About the Internet

John Cook · 03/28/11 11:56AM

One of the tragedies of being marginally famous is that people can write true things about you that you don't like on the internet. Well now, thanks to a knight, these lost souls finally have recourse: iCorrect, the internet's premiere source for niggling, picayune corrections from people you don't particularly care about.

Jen's Big Move, More Drama from the Oscar Parties

cityfile · 02/24/09 06:47AM

• Get the welcome wagon ready: Jennifer Aniston may be moving to New York soon, both to be closer to John Mayer and because she's filming her next two movies here. [Fox 411]
• A bunch of people who attended Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Oscars party at Guy Oseary's house ended up leaving early and heading over to the more popular Vanity Fair bash instead. Kate Winslet screamed "Wooo!" at everyone who congratulated her (and later tripped down a small set of steps), a tipsy Natalie Portman flirted with Twilight's Robert Pattinson, and Mick Jagger chatted up every woman that came within two feet of him. [P6, NYDN, E!, Mirror]
• Madonna looked conspicuously wrinkle-free while squiring Jesus Luz around LA last weekend and eventually ran into Sean Penn on Sunday night. After congratulating him on his Oscar win, he pointed in Luz's direction and replied, "Thanks. Another kid already?" [NYDN, DS, Sun]
• Nicky Hilton placed a homeless man under "citizen's arrest" after he pushed her on to the ground outside an IHOP. Seriously. [Us]

A Loss for Bianca Jagger

cityfile · 10/23/08 01:09PM

The battle over Bianca Jagger's rent-controlled apartment at 530 Park Avenue is finally over, and it looks like Mick Jagger's ex is going to have to start looking for another spread to call home. In an unanimous decision this morning, the Court of Appeals ruled that Jagger's 18th-floor apartment—where she paid $4,600-a-month in rent before her eviction in 2007—couldn't possibly be her "primary residence," because she's only in the U.S. on a tourist visa. Happy hunting! [NYDN]