Depressed Goat Is Reunited With His Burro Best Friend

Aleksander Chan · 05/26/14 09:20AM

Mr. G, a goat, and Jellybean, a burro, were both rescued from the squalor of a hoarder's home earlier this year and were, for the first time in their lives, separated to live in different animal sanctuaries. The separation left Mr. G depressed and he didn't move or eat for six days. Until he was reunited with his best friend.

What Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton's BFF Selfie Photo (Probably) Looks Like

Max Read · 12/03/12 09:35AM

Last night, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep did what any self-respecting pair of BFFs does when they're together at "the club" (in this case, the Kennedy Center Honors gala): they took a selfie. Unfortunately, we don't have access to Streep's iPhone, and will likely never see the original photo. But we can imagine what they might have done with it afterward, in the social image editor of their choice:

What's a Birther Day Without a Visit to Oprah?

Seth Abramovitch · 04/28/11 02:13AM

Just hours after excoriating the "carnival barkers" who corral the gullible into darkened tents for a fleeting glimpse of "Obama: The Man Raised by Kenyan Wolves," the president found himself inside another kind of sideshow entirely: The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Watch Gayle King Accidentally Walk Into a Wall on Late Night

Whitney Jefferson · 03/31/11 01:30PM

When Oprah's BFF appeared on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, she had a bit of a malfunction when she knocked into the wall during her entrance. She admits to trying "to play it off like I was just dancing" as soon as her interview started.