Calvin Klein and His Child Bride's Embarrassing Halloween Costume

Brian Moylan · 10/31/11 05:47PM

Like any retiree, Calvin Klein has a lot of time on his hands, and like any retiree he gets to indulge in his hobbies. Apparently his main one these days is going to glam parties with his ex-porn star boyfriend Nick Gruber in tow. Here's the sad display the duo made this past Saturday at The Standard when they attended hotelier Andre Balazs' Halloween party at the swinging club atop the hotel/exhibitionist hotspot.

Daughter of Royal Security Chief to Play Royal Bride for Hallmark Channel

Richard Lawson · 04/19/11 02:55PM

God save the bizarre coincidence (conflict of interest?)! The Daily reports today that Alice St. Clair, who will play Kate Middleton in the Hallmark Channel's William and Kate: A Royal Love Story (not to be confused with William & Kate: Let Love Rule on Lifetime), is the daughter of Peter Loughborough, who happens to be the head of the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Group, a department of Scotland Yard that's responsible for securing, among other things, all the royals during the wedding. Awkward! [Photo of St. Clair via Carly Otness/Billy Farrell Agency; photo of Middleton via Getty Images]

The Best Gwyneth Paltrow Detail of the Day

Richard Lawson · 04/18/11 02:45PM

The Gwyneth Paltrow media onslaught continues today, with a Talk of the Town piece in The New Yorker about the wisp of diamond vapor's new cookbook. The piece is mostly the usual assemblage of celebrity friends fawning over her culinary acumen, we learn nothing new, but there is one truly amazing tidbit.

Is There No Stopping Gwyneth Paltrow's World Domination?

Richard Lawson · 04/13/11 10:19AM

This is an important question we are asking ourselves today: can Gwyneth Paltrow be stopped? The human-shaped collection of sunlight and feathers has already conquered the acting world, has become the nation's preeminent country-western-singer, and is now poised to take over the food industry. Her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter, is selling like gluten-free hotcakes and now the New York Post wonders if she could become the next Martha Stewart.

Fashion Week Saunters Into the Home Stretch

Brian Moylan · 02/17/11 06:29PM

It's time for all the designers, models, and assorted hangers on to finally head home and get over the constant champagne buzz of New York Fashion Week. Yes, today is the final day of the festivities, and we're still bringing you the best images of the day, like this model at Elie Tahari, who does not want to be messed with. [Image via Getty]

We Are Still Not Sick of Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/14/11 06:42PM

[No event in New York is photographed as extensively as Fashion Week. Continuing our trip down the glamour rabbit hole, here are some more of the best images from the barrage. This tableau, above, opened the Monique Lhuillier show. Image via AP]