Celebs No Longer Have to Write Their Own Crappy HuffPo 'Blogs'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/11 02:17PM

In your mordant Thursday media column: Arianna Huffington offers concierge service, layoff rumors at Meredith (confirmed), Tina Brown on snark, the Guardian's digital future, and Greta Van Susteren's embarrassment of the day.

Inside the Huffington Post-AOL Civil War

Ryan Tate · 06/10/11 02:25PM

Sure, we'd heard there was a civil war at AOL following the Huffington Post merger. But we never imagined we'd be hearing tales quite so evocative of schoolyard bullying. Team HuffPo is apparently the meanest clique at AOL Junior High.

The New York Observer's Trump Problem

John Cook · 04/13/11 04:00PM

Pouty fathead Donald Trump is a tailor-made character for the New York Observer, which purports to monitor Manhattan's smug oligarchy with a gimlet-eyed detachment. And his semi-coherent presidential grumblings, which count as news just about everywhere else, make ideal grist for the Observer's mill. Too bad he's the owner's father-in-law.

Claire Danes, TV Star Once More

Richard Lawson · 04/07/11 04:06PM

After a long time away, the one-time celestial teen queen of broadcast television is returning to the small screen. Also today: We might, coincidentally, have a new Juliet; a cult favorite cartoon gets a second season; and, no folks, 30 Rock is not dying. Probably.

Arianna Huffington's Ego Rules AOL, Says Arianna Huffington

Ryan Tate · 04/07/11 03:29PM

Two months after AOL acquired her website the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington has begun refashioning the internet conglomerate into a gigantic digital mirror whose reporters will document every last twitch of her ego. Or so says Arianna Huffington.

Marc Jacobs Executive Sues Over Oppressively Gay Work Environment

John Cook · 03/31/11 12:05PM

The recently fired chief operating officer of fashion label Marc Jacobs International has sued his boss for, among other things, making employees look at gay porn and perform pole dances. If true, these allegations could rock the staid, buttoned-down world of fashion.

Working For the Weinstein Brothers Is Still a Perverse, Ceaseless Nightmare

John Cook · 03/03/11 05:45PM

Two filmmakers have sued Harvey and Bob Weinstein's studio for more than $114 million, claiming that the Weinsteins ruined five animated film projects with their "indecisiveness and general incompetence." They would have filed the lawsuit earlier, they say, but the Weinsteins paid them $500,000 in quasi-hush money to delay it until after the Oscars so as not to sully their campaign for The King's Speech. Hollywood works in strange ways.