The Secret To Looking As 'Fit' As Gwyneth And Beyonce? Starve Yourself Silly, Of Course!

Molly Friedman · 06/12/08 03:25PM

Coming in at number two right after Lesbian Chic on the list of 2008's hottest celebrity trends is the slim fast phenomenon sweeping the pounds off Catherine Zeta-Jones' ass, Britney Spears' arms, and pretty much every inch of co-starvation partners Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. But of course, when Queen of Female Mind Control Oprah Winfrey puts in her two cents on the dieting front, every housewife and Oprah wannabe begins taking dutiful notes on how exactly she'll take a few pounds off this time around. And according to a piece in the NY Daily News, Detox is the word. From Gwyneth and Beyonce to Ralph Fiennes and Vince Vaughn, these four varieties of temporary "cleansing" yourself are the current diet du jour. And of course, the question is: does it work? And more importantly, is giving up our nightly vino and succumbing to regular colonics worth looking like a lollipop head? Which celebrities are using which method, and visual evidence of their results, if any, after the jump.

Beyonce And Jay-Z Definitely, Maybe Getting Married Today: You Decide

Molly Friedman · 04/04/08 06:30PM

Sometimes a celebrity marriage rumor comes along that you simply can't ignore. Photo agencies bombard you with visual proof, New York State court legislation is involved, and the very fact that the starry couple in question seems destined to stay together begin to haunt you throughout the day until you just can't stay quiet anymore. Today's are-they-or-aren't-they couple, of course, is Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. Rumors surfaced on Tuesday that the pair had filed for a marriage license upstate, and construction on the rapper's rooftop coupled with reports that floral arrangements and standard wedding gear chandeliers had been shipped to his penthouse are beginning to convince us that the longtime couple is finally tying the knot. We sort through all the fishy and not-so-fishy details after the jump, and leave it to you to tell us whether or not we should "bite the hook," as Bobby Brown would say.

Beyoncé Knowles

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:38PM

Beyoncé is the voluptuous chanteuse who left Destiny's Child behind to become a multimedia threat and a single-named force of nature. She's also married to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

The Beyonce-ist Cellphone Money Can Buy

nickm · 10/12/07 05:00PM

Wanna be the coolest kid on your block? Then don't buy the B'phone! Yes, Beyoncé has a brand new phone out by Samsung, and for a mere $99 you get a Beyoncé themed start-up screen as well as the ability to download exclusive Beyoncé photos, videos, and music— including a song she recorded when she was 10. As Beyoncé said in a press conference yesterday, "It's only through this phone that you can get this close to my life."

Beyonc to 'People': 'And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Bitter!'

Emily Gould · 12/05/06 05:15PM

Us Weekly and Star are kind of okay to be seen reading on the subway (kitsch factor), but People is for Midwestern soccer moms now and forever. Aren't you lucky that we read it so you don't have to? If it weren't for us, you would have missed these bitchtastic quotes from Beyonc , who sooo didn't mind not having the starring fatgirl role in Dreamgirls one tiny bit. Nope, no diva here!