Lindsay Lohan Checks In to Betty Ford But No Structure Can Contain Her

Caity Weaver · 05/03/13 11:38AM

Following a daylong adventure of dubious legality, World’s Most Complicated Human Lindsay Lohan has finally careened into a rehab facility. After initially planning to undergo a court-ordered 90 days of treatment in her home state of New York, she switched last minute (without the court's permission) to a facility in California so she could smoke. While her lawyer Mark Heller told a judge yesterday that Lohan was "ensconced in the bosom" of Morningside Rehab in Newport Beach, it was later revealed that the actress' SUV had merely pulled up to the facility; she never checked in. She did, however, visit an electronics store. Now she's at the Betty Ford Center (where she can also smoke).

Lindsay Lohan's 911 Call Released

Maureen O'Connor · 04/01/11 04:47PM

Charges for Lindsay Lohan's alleged assault of a Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland have been dropped, and now we've been treated to audio from the 911 call that started the mess. Turns out Lindsay called the cops because she was scared of Dawn.

A Guide to Celebrity Rehab Centers

Brian Moylan · 09/29/10 03:28PM

We always hear about celebrities checking into rehab for their various addictions, expletive-laden tirades, or episodes of "exhaustion." Lindsay Lohan just checked in yesterday for the eighth time. Where do they disappear to while trying to get clean? Let's look.