cityfile · 09/10/08 01:03PM

Naomi Watts doing some pre-baby shopping with a friend in Union Square ... Sarah Jessica Parker taking a walk downtown ... Petra Nemcova walking into the Diesel show ... Rosario Dawson crossing the street outside Balthazar ... Julia Stiles shopping in the West Village ... Bette Midler hugging her daughter outside the Bryant Park tents ... Betsey Johnson walking through the rain in Midtown ... Jessica Alba carrying her baby ... Mary-Kate Olsen sitting front row at the Proenza Schouler show ... Adrian Grenier having lunch outside with friends ... Jessica Simpson getting out of a taxi with pal Ken Paves ... Kanye West and Jay-Z making their way into the Marc Jacobs show ... Natalie Portman showing up to the front row at the Derek Lam show ... Martha Stewart leaving Bryant Park after attending Marc Jacobs' show ... and Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham leaving the Waverly Inn.

Uncensored Katie Couric Is Kind Of Hot

Ryan Tate · 06/16/08 08:25PM

So we were vaguely aware Katie Couric had a YouTube channel, but had no idea the CBS Evening News anchor put so much energy into it. It's almost as though she feels stifled at work! Can't imagine why that would be. Anyway, Los Angeles Times writer Matea Gold watched all the videos so you don't have to, and wrote up the highlights, which we've assembled into a quick montage after the jump. Couric snaps Larry King's suspenders, chats up the paparazzi, sings with Bette Midler, makes a Saturday Night Live joke and hangs out barefoot with a bunch of mom bloggers.

'H&K' Vs. Poehler/Fey, Defending Bette Midler, and Other New Movie Dilemmas

STV · 04/25/08 11:15AM

Deciphering your moviegoing options for the third week running, Defamer Attractions returns today with a look at the final weekend before the studios spill summer in our lap. Today we gauge Tina Fey's chances for box office superiority, corral the highest-profile dog since 88 Minutes (that was only last week? Really?), recommend a certain Oscar-winning actress's directing debut and scan the new arrivals shelf for DVD's of notice. As always, our opinions are our own, but they're also right. You can thank us later!

Bette Midler May Disappoint Thousands of Gays

Richard Lawson · 02/20/08 07:07PM

Ohhh dear. Don't tell your "uncle" Barry, but Bette Midler's new Las Vegas show, "The Showgirl Must Go On," is apparently not so good. The musical extravaganza, that has the unenviable task of replacing Celine Dion's mind-bogglingly successful phantasmagoria at Caesar's, is opening tonight, and yet critics have been banned from reviewing it until February 29th. This is never a good sign. The Las Vegas Sun's Joe Brown managed to see an invited dress and has some terrible (if a bit vague) things to report.

Bette Midler

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:37PM

The Divine Miss M isn't in the prime of her career anymore, but the Grammy-winning chanteuse and actress is keeping busy greening up the city.

Britney Spears Will End Up Poor And Alone

Choire · 11/02/07 08:00AM
  • Britney Spears needs a good smack with the Suze Orman stick. Carrying a $50,000-a-month mortgage when you're taking home $737,868 a month is sooooo stupid. Why will no one teach the young women of today anything about finance? If Britney lives past 50 she'll be eating cat food. Chances that she'll live that long are slim anyway. [Page Six]

'Harper's Bazaar' Internship Auction Only Up To $625!

Maggie · 11/01/07 01:20PM

This "amazing" and fabulous opportunity of a lifetime—an auctioned-off internship at Harper's Bazaar—raises money for Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project. So blame The Divine Miss M for reinforcing the Haves' capability to purchase their credentials, at the same time as she raises money to restore neglected parks in economically-depressed 'hoods. Ah, the jaw-dropping irony. Or perhaps not so much—look who's a sponsor at the $50K-$99K level! Why, it's none other than the Hearst Corporation, parent publisher of Harpers Bazaar!

TMZ Takes Stand Against Tree-Murderer Bette Midler

Choire · 10/11/07 11:24AM

"TMZ TV," the most important development in television since Mary Hart first plastered on her face for Entertainment Tonight, continues to blow our minds. But they're not just an advance in the medium of television! We think you'll agree that their assault (demonstrated ably here) on the artificial public constructs and confusions of contemporary personhood is the best-articulated since Roland Barthes' Death of the Author!

Bette Midler: Tree Hugger, Tree Murderer

seth · 10/11/07 11:01AM

What better way to ring in T.R. Knight-endorsed National Coming Out Day than with this TMZ TV tribute to hinge-jawed songbird, actress, and gay icon, Bette Midler. In it, she's first called a "tree murderer"—we're offered several scintillating details about a scandal involving Hawaiian zoning laws and driveway construction—only to have the accusations of arborcide retracted seconds later, in a touching endorsement of Midler's ahead-of-their-time "tree hugging" efforts, strikingly depicted by Midler humping one like a lemur in heat. Thankfully, however, the crack-filled IV drips to which the TMZ editors are permanently hooked had fully drained before they could accomplish an animation depicting the star of The Rose fertilizing her park-revitalization project using nothing more than what Gaia gave her.

Bette Midler Too Proud To Learn From Hollywood's New Generation Of Stars

mark · 12/06/06 04:10PM

Tonight on Extra: Dozens of paparazzi are disappointed when a Rolls Royce piloted by blonde wild-child Sharon Stone pulls up to Hyde, the passenger door slowly opens, and new partner-in-crime Better Midler pauses to spread her legs for the eager photographers as she prepares to exit the vehicle...revealing that her sexagenarian nether-regions are more than adequately covered by age-appropriate underthings. The duo is rudely turned away by the hotspot's disapproving doorman, who cites Midler's unacceptable modesty for denying them entry, and remains unmoved even by Stone's desperate promises that the pair will "totally make out and flash our tits" while dancing atop the venue's leather banquettes if allowed inside.