Horrific Acid Attack Was a Hoax

Adrian Chen · 09/16/10 06:56PM

Remember Bethany Storro, the 28-year-old woman who claimed a woman threw a cup of acid in her face after asking if she wanted a drink? It was a hoax: Her injuries were self-inflicted. Um, guess she got what she deserved?

Copycat Acid Attacker Strikes in Arizona

Sergio Hernandez · 09/06/10 11:55AM

Just a few days after a stranger threw acid in a Washington woman's face, an M.O.-stealing copycat has attacked another woman in Arizona.

Acid Attacker: 'Hey Pretty Girl Do You Want to Drink This?'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/01/10 02:51PM

Nothing good ever comes of "Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?" A stranger approached a 28-year-old woman yesterday, said that, and then tossed a cup of acid in her face. This story is stomach-churning.