The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Empire State Building

Caity Weaver · 10/30/14 08:00AM

Rich: Everything leading up to our meal at STATE Grill and Bar at the Empire State Building was so pleasant. The woman who called to confirm our reservation pronounced my last name right with no prompting. The greeting I received upon entering the actual Empire State Building was a jolly “WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!” The hostess at STATE Grill and Bar (not to be confused with the Empire Bar and Grill in both Macedon and Webster, NY) had such kind eyes. It all made me feel like Annie.

The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Macy's Basement

Caity Weaver · 10/10/14 09:15AM

Rich: We're kicking off Gawker's Christmas 2014 coverage with a trip to Macy's! Where shiny red balls hang from the ceiling gently suggesting that you should start buying because Christmas is just around the corner! It's Christmas time in the city, Caity, and all I want is some fried food.

The Best Restaurant in New York Is: Wall Street Bath & Spa

Caity Weaver · 09/15/14 12:48PM

Rich: I thought we were going to use the actual spa and I wondered what it would be like to be topless around you, Caity. Would it change things? Would it bring us closer or push us away from each other? I guess we'll have to figure that out on another day, when we go to water slides.

The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Williamsburg Urban Outfitters

Caity Weaver · 08/08/14 08:00AM

Rich: The Gorbals is located in a place on North Six called “Space Ninety 8.” Outside, Space Ninety 8 has a list of all of its constituent businesses: Urban Outfitters, the Gorbals, Roof Deck, Gallery 98, and the Market Space. But do not be fooled: This is a giant, three floor Urban Outfitters with, like, some other shit—including a high-end restaurant in which you can eat a whole pig’s head while listening to an in-store band perform surf-rock-revival revival jams.