The Best of 00's Derby: Was It the Age of Quirk?

Richard Rushfield · 11/24/09 06:39PM

The last five weeks of every decade generally bring a frenzy of media list-making. However, in this first decade of the blogging era, the cataloging of best and worsts should approach H1N1 emergency levels.

The Weirdest Sports Illustrated Covers Of 1978

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/08 10:43AM

Sports Illustrated has put a huge gallery of its archived content online for free. The best part is the selection of old covers, from back in the grainy days of short shorts and wild hair. Some of the production meetings back then probably involved drugs. We've selected the five weirdest covers from 1978, a year we picked because SI put Clint Hurdle on the cover that year, and you have to admit that man has a fine name. Look at the covers below!