The Night Greg Gutfeld Lost His Date

Nick Denton · 04/24/08 02:03PM

After a hard day covering Fashion Week, in September 2006, Gutfeld was at Port 41 with a group of other magazine editors and writers. It was late, Gutfeld had been drinking, and he's not known for his discretion even when sober. According to one of the many present that evening, he began regaling the crowd with an account of a small dinner party hosted by Steve Perrine, former creative director of Men's Health, now editor-in-chief of Best Life, a magazine for middle-aged men who lead lives of silent desperation.

Media Bubble: Judy Miller Grows Nostalgic for Prison

Jesse · 10/14/05 02:19PM

• The Times's silence on Judy Miller has become absurd. [CJR]
• Even public editor Barney Calame doesn't understand why the silence continues. Which might just put an end to it — after all, this is the man who ultimately got Geraldo his correction. []
• But the Times's op-ed columnists, at least, all have excellent reasons why they haven't written about Miller Time. [E&P]
• Beyonce is too black for the cover of Vanity Fair. Of course, so are we. [Radar]
Men's Health spinoff Best Life ups frequency, rate base. Which is what you get from worshipping at the altar of your readers. [Mediaweek]
• Former Time Warner chief Gerald Levin helps open super-high-end spa in Santa Monica. Next month, he'll merge it with and ruin the company. [LAT]
• Mag bigshots should — of all things — take Jon Stewart seriously. [MarketWatch]