Fake News Is Illegal Now

John Cook · 04/19/11 02:41PM

The Federal Trade Commission is asking federal judges in six states to shut down a total of 10 "fake news websites" that front as credible journalism outlets but really just hype the AMAZING WEIGHT-LOSS POTENTIAL OF ACAI BERRIES ™ !!!!!

Why Is Radar's Neel Shah Selling Berries?

Sheila · 06/05/08 01:24PM

The Radar magazine contributor is something of a man about town, but even we were surprised to see him show up at our office, delivering the aforementioned magic berries that Hamilton ordered, like a common coke dealer. So we asked him what was up! Does the pay at Radar suck? "Nah... beats freelancing," he says. We got the rundown on his berry-selling ring: